Reach Is The Best Facebook Metric To Focus On

Has your Facebook Page experienced a drop in its reach? Do you want to reach out to more of your fans and get optimum exposure for your brand or Page?

In order to improve your Facebook reach, you first need to understand its concept and the process through which reach is determined.

What Is Facebook Reach?
For every Facebook Page and post, the number of unique people who see your content or interact with it become a part of your Facebook reach. Whether your fans share your post, like it or comment on it, it is all combined into Facebook reach. The reach of Facebook posts can be organic, viral, and paid, depending on how your fans interact with it.

Types of Facebook Reach

As mentioned above, every Facebook Page and post has three types of reach; organic, viral, and paid. The difference in reach is due to the ways that your fans use to interact with your Page and posts.

1. Organic Reach
Organic reach is free reach. When you post content on your Page, it automatically reaches your fans in their news feed and they are able to see your updates. Organic reach simply encompasses the posting of statuses onto the news feed Page.

2. Viral Reach
Viral reach is the most common way of reaching out to your fans. It is initiated by a single fan sharing your post with others by sharing, linking, or commenting on it. In turn, all of your fan’s friends can see his activity and like, share and comment on it as well, making your post reach out to even more Facebook users. According to recent update, Facebook has now combined viral reach within organic reach and they are both considered as one combined collection of data.

3. Paid Reach
When a Facebook Page pays to promote its posts, it is known as pair reach. As the content is paid to reach the maximum number of fans, paid reach is usually high for those Pages that opt for it.

Organic Reach at a Decline as Businesses Opt for Paid Reach

Recent data shows that Facebook’s organic reach is declining rapidly. The number of fans that can see posts in their news feed from their liked Pages is becoming less and less. The reason for this decline is not the inactivity of the fans; it is simply the increase in the number of paid posts.

As more and more businesses pay to have their posts displayed in the news feed, unpaid and organic reach is declining. The news feed Page of every Facebook user can display only a fixed number of posts and if the paid posts are in abundance, there is very little space left to display unpaid content.

Facebook itself, also predicts that its organic reach will be brought down to zero in upcoming years as there will no longer be space left to display anything except for paid content. Thus, brands and Pages with unpaid content; are facing a decline in organic reach and will continue to do so, unless steps are taken to improve their organic reach.

How to Increase Facebook Reach?

As organic reach declines, the following strategies can be used to improve the reach for your Facebook Page:

1. Post when Your Fans Are Online
Want maximum activity on your shared posts? Observe your Page activity and discover when your fans are online. Post your content when a large number of your fans will be able to view it and respond to it.

2. Post Multiple Times in a Day
Fans from different parts of the world will be available online at different times. Post content on your Page at various times of the day to achieve maximum visibility and activity on it.

3. Re-post Past Content with High Activity
Do you remember that one post where your fans were the most actively involved? Find it in your Page history and re-post it for similar, if not better, results. The posts that earned your Page a lot of publicity and promotion in the past will most likely bring additional reach to your Page once more after re-posting.

4. Generate Interesting and Conversational Posts
Your fans will respond to posts that interests them. Start a debate; ask for opinions, or simple post a quote, fact or a joke. Any content that interests your fans should be posted to your Page in order to improve its organic reach.

5. Conduct Small Contests and Quizzes to Stimulate Post and Page Activity
Everyone enjoys winning gifts. Start a small competition on your Page, asking your fans to like, share, or comment on your post and publicize the prize for the competition. The more people interact with the post, the more reach you will be able to achieve for your Page. In the end, conduct a lucky draw; announce the winners, give away the prizes and everyone’s happy.

6. Tag other Facebook Pages
When a Page tags a separate Page in a post, that content may show followers of both Pages and is a great way to recognize other brands. To tag another Page in a post make sure that you are logged into your User Profile and type the @ symbol in front of the Page name you want to tag. You also need to “like” that Page in order to be able to tag it.

Use these strategies and more, to cleverly share your page content and reach out to the maximum number of your fans. Stay active on your page and keep posting to get the best results!