How to Take Advantage of the Video Marketing Boom

Without a doubt, online video marketing is one of the forms of advertising with the highest growth rate. This form of advertising is also one of the most preferable methods of reaching out to consumers, for many marketers. Irrespective of the niche you are in, video marketing has proven to be one of the most effective methods of engaging customers.

Video advertisements account for up to 25% of all the videos that web users consume every month, according to a recent study by ComScore. What does this mean? It means that when you place video advertisements online and target new or early local adopters, your local audience is likely to see the video ad. Other studies by iMedia Connection indicate that by 2014 online videos will generate up to 90% of the total online traffic.

It is also interesting to note that online videos have a 50% chance of being ranked in the top listings in the organic search engine pages. This is in contrast to textual web pages. There are many reasons why video marketing is increasingly becoming inevitable and attractive to many marketers. Compared to traditional forms of marketing, online videos have a longer shelf life; they stay online for longer. They are also less expensive once you create and distribute them. Additionally, you can reach a wider audience with the online video while at the same time leveraging the imminent opportunities to go viral with your content.

Millions of videos are uploaded online in any given month. Users are also sifting through tons of video ads to connect with brands and to find services/products that can offer them solutions. Your main aim is to rise above the crowd, for your customers and prospects to see you. Here are some pointers that can get you started:

Video marketing is long-term: One-off videos will not get your brand the visibility you are looking for. Instead, the video will simply get lost in the clutter and your audience will never know about your brand and product offering. It is best to embark and to strategize on a long-term campaign; this will allow you regularly distribute relevant videos for your target market. Additionally, creating a video campaign will streamline your content and build brand visibility every time you distribute a new video.

Call Your Target Market To Action: Video Marketing is most successful when you are able to compel your audience to undertake a specific action. It is not enough that they just view the video; it is imperative that they follow up the viewing with another action that can contribute to conversions. Direct viewers to a relevant website or blog; ask them to comment on the video, or to subscribe to your e-newsletter. Viewers will be more than willing to take an action if the content offers value.

Offer Valuable Content: Video ads are short and straight to the point, with most of them lasting up to 3.8 minutes. Maximizing this limited timeframe means providing high quality and valuable content. Even though you are distributing marketing videos, refrain from hard selling; this will turn your customers off. Instead, consider distributing videos that will help the viewer solve a specific problem or content that will tell them more about your brand. For example, ‘How- to’ content for videos offers value to your audience. Ensure that the videos you distribute position you as an expert in your niche.

Video is dynamic and allows you to engage your audience in diverse ways. Video marketing can also be valuable in helping you to build your brand, to position yourself as a valuable source of information and to grow your customer base. Here are several ways video can work for you:

Expand your customer and prospect base: By creating and distributing videos, you can significantly expand your list. In the video, you can ask viewers to leave comments as well as their name and email address. You can then incentivize them with free goodies such as ebooks, or downloadable how-to-videos, podcasts or video conferences. Simply create a valuable video and determine the type of incentive that is likely to compel your target market to offer their personal information.

Use video to spread the word about reports and findings: This is a great way to promote the value of your product and services without hard selling. Create a video about how your product or service helped someone achieve certain results. This helps to bring a human face to your brand and to boost trust between you and the viewers. It is also a good idea to incorporate testimonials from satisfied customers to back up your claims about your product/service.

Leverage video to narrate a story: The best and indeed most effective marketing videos are those that provide a compelling narrative. Telling a story to your audience is a way of connecting with them and building brand identity. Telling a story also allows you to share with your clients about yourself and about other clients who have come to trust your product or services.

Today, businesses are integrating their video marketing with social media campaigns. Social video marketing entails the use of tools that facilitate the social conversations taking place around a specific video. Social video marketing is undertaken through the creation of video content and distributing the content through social tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs.

Video and social media have indeed placed the consumer in a more important position. As such, brands are required to treat the consumer as an equal who helps to distribute the brand’s content and to offer recommendations to other potential consumers.

However, social video marketing is more than distributing content through social platforms such as YouTube. Social networks are increasingly playing an important role in driving traffic to videos. This means that online marketers must optimize their videos for both the social and main search engines. This will allow your target market to find your video content in the organic search as well as through social media platforms. In the end, video marketing is all about creating great and compelling content, starting a conversation and creating a community of loyal followers and customers.