How to Harness the Power of Visual Storytelling

Social media is a great tool for marketing your products and building your online brand image. Quantity is important, but more is quality. When providing valuable content and focus on SEO, more people will talk about your business and spread the word. The result? Yes, more leads, more conversions and more sales.

Naturally, your content is a primary driving force when it comes to online marketing. But does every sort of content produce the same results? Blogs, articles and press releases will all serve your purpose, but none of them will be as effective as visual marketing. If you can tap into this arena, and utilize it to the utmost, you will be able to enjoy amazing results. But how do you do all of this? I will first talk about the whys and then I will delve into the hows.

So what is visual marketing?

Visual marketing is a campaign which uses creativity and innovation to generate interest. There are many elements and you can use any of these to promote your business. Examples of this include images, infographics, videos, presentations, flash and so on.

What paved way for visual marketing?
Visual content marketing does not have a lot of history, because it is still a new field. Ever since tablets and high speed networks have become more common, businesses decided to use the power of visual content for achieving their purpose. The costs have also decreased and so many platforms have been launched for just visual content like Instagram and Pinterest. All this made visual content marketing very appealing and led to its growth.

A look at the stats
• Visual information initiate a better response from 40% of the people
• If your post on Facebook contains a photo, you can get over 50% more likes.
• If your article has images, it will be viewed 94% more than those that do not have any pictures
• You increase your sales chances by 60% if images show up when people search for you
• Instagram users are 10% more engaged than on other platforms
• There are over 1 billion likes for Instagram photos on a daily basis
• Infographics can help you in increasing your web traffic by nearly 12%
• Videos in press releases can increase your views by 48%

If you need any more convincing …
If the stats did not really astonish you, these benefits definitely will.
• Visual content increases the engagement levels of your to be customers
• Visual content helps you in improving your SEO efforts
• Visual content generates more buzz and presents a better picture of your brand, while increasing its awareness
• Visual content is a great way to increase your conversions, and thus your sales
• Visual content helps people in digesting a lot of information in a shorter amount of time

Decide on a platform

There are so many platforms which let your share visual content. So which of these is right for you? The answer: depends on your needs. Take Pinterest as an example. This platform allows you to share many types of media and can be integrated with both Facebook and Twitter. Plus, it is easy to use. But over 70% of audience on Pinterest is female, and if they are not part of your target audience, you should put your efforts elsewhere. Analyze your target audience and determine the functionality of each platform. Accordingly, decide which will be the most suitable for your business.

Here is what you should keep in mind

Find the right sort of content
Visual content is of many types, but not all of it may be appropriate for your business. You should choose the right one to ensure that you get the most from it. Analyze and understand your audience, and accordingly select the right sort of visual content.

Instill innovation
Got an original idea? Is there anything innovative in your mind? Perfect, use it for your visual content and it will generate even more attention. The more innovative you are, the more buzz you generate.

Keep it clear and detailed
If you are using images for marketing purposes, they must be clear, but they must also be detailed and convey everything you want your audience to know. According to research, over 67% people think that images should be clear and give them more importance than to product information, description and ratings.

Use varying sizes of fonts for an impact
What fonts are you using for your visual content? They should be contrasting to the background and they should be in different sizes. Small and big create more impact and can affect your overall message significantly.

Maintain consistency
Whichever visual content you are sharing, you must be consistent and send a unified message to your audience. And by the way, the message you send must be the same that your blogs and articles are also conveying.

Select your colors carefully
Colors have a powerful impact on the human mind. Did you know red excites you and blue relaxes you? Green is associated with the environment and growth and yellow signifies trust. Think about your brand, and accordingly select suitable colors for your marketing purposes. You may not be sure initially which colors to opt for, but play around with them and you will soon realize which shades are just right.

Promote aplenty
Needless to say, you must share your visual content on all popular social media sites, and that too at times when traffic is at its peak.

So tap into visual marketing, follow my advice and watch your sales grow. As long as you stick to the rules and provide quality, you will get the word out and enjoy more revenues for yourself.