I had a few coaching sessions with Gabriela at a point in my life when I was actively thinking of the "next best steps" - professionally and personally. During our coaching sessions I have learned a few simple techniques that helped me achieve some of my personal and professional goals. In a short period of time Gabriela managed to get my energy and motivation back and at the same time she showed me how I can succeed and focus on the next steps in amazing different ways. Every session was a surprise for me as I had no idea about my thoughts. I found answers to most of my questions and doubts. The sessions were very insightful and helped me become more aware of myself as a person. What I appreciated the most was Gabriela's approach of helping me reach logical conclusions about my abilities through self-reflection while the session was progressing, as opposed to having a pre-set conclusion that I was being driven towards. As a coach, Gabriela is always results oriented and has a personal approach to every situation. It was a pleasure having Gabriela as a coach and therefore I strongly recommend her as your business or life coach. You will notice how quickly your life can change!


Marketing Manager


Certified Yoga instructor & Law of Attraction Coach

Gabriela really allows you to feel free and confident in yourself. She has so many tools to tackle every situation! I was recently working with her on a personal issue that I couldn’t get out of my mind. It was really blocking me, but Gabriela helped me by addressing the whole problem from a new angle and it completely changed my outlook. I immediately noticed improvements in everything that I did and my mindset shifted for the better. I'd highly recommend working with Gabriela - you'll experience amazing changes in your life.

Before starting my Law of Attraction coaching sessions, I was not quite sure that there would be any outcomes, but on the contrary there were not only great results, but they appeared very rapidly in my life. During the program I received a high standard of professional guidance and support by Gabriela. She helped me change my way of thinking and rely more on my inner-self. And as a result of my sessions with her, my relationship with my partner got better and my business extended rapidly. I could say that I achieved  my goals 100%. My advice for those thinking of taking these sessions are: to put their hearts to it, to trust themselves, the Law of Attraction and Gabriela's guidance and the Universe will support you in achieving your dreams and finding your life purpose. Thank you Gaby for your support and your unique approach.


Holistic Massage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner


President @cme Tours

I was first introduced to Gabriela Taylor by reading her excellent book “Mobilize to Monetize”. Her book was instrumental with my initial planning for a heritage and cultural tourism app I was beginning to develop with the Missouri Humanities Council. I had contemplated various monetization strategies for the app, which is not a strictly commercial app, and Gabriela’s book crystalized my thought process. The next step was to consider competition and similar apps on a world-wide basis. This is where I contacted Gabriela directly to develop a contract for her expertise. Gabriela developed two superior documents to guide us through our development. The first was a comprehensive SWOT analysis to give us the confidence that we were indeed developing a unique product. The second was a thorough marketing plan to help us 1) monetize the app and 2) release the app with a cogent marketing plan. The app has received an international award for its innovation in heritage and cultural tourism. I highly recommend Gabriela Taylor as a marketing consultant.

Gabriela Taylor is a powerful and results based Law of Attraction Coach, she has an intuitive way of working that brought me straight to the centre of what was important to me. In our sessions together I gained greater self belief that has stayed with me, and I was deeply connected to my Vision of the way I want to work ~ both of which continue to be a strong driving force for me. I would highly recommend Gabriela, for the quality of her work, for her inspiration and the exponential growth received ~ a program with her would be sensational! Thanks Gabi ~ you really did bring great benefits to my life!


Personal Success Coach

I had the opportunity to have Gabriela as a coach and I can say that she took my progress to heart. She helped me focus on what I wanted to achieve through conversations and exercises and I felt her support taking the next step towards my goal. -Melanie, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist

I just finished this collection and have to say, it was brilliant. I have found very few books that provide such a comprehensive guide to digital strategy. In this day an age, businesses fall behind by not making use of every marketing avenue available online. From content development to social to advertising, and how to do everything in between, this book is a necessary addition to your library on digital strategy. -Anthony Drew Millington reviewed 'Give Your Marketing a Digital Edge'

Excellent, Thorough, Well-Organized, and Complete: While no expert, I thought I knew a thing or two about online marketing. This book showed me that a thing or two was pretty much all I knew. I am so impressed! The subtitle states this is a "Beginner's Guide to Online Promotion". I will agree that the first 15% is a "beginner's guide". After that, this author takes online advertising education to a whole new level. This is a great book for beginners and experienced marketers alike. After the Introduction, the author delves into the many types of online advertising in a way that is well-rounded, interesting, not-too-little, and not-too-much. She provides information about targeting advertising to the right market; metrics; AdWords; social media advertising on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn; and then discusses affiliate marketing. I have purchased several books on AdWords that I just couldn't get through. I've spent time on the phone with an AdWords rep trying to get my head around sitelink extension and display network options for my clients. This author presented the information in sizable chunks that made it understandable, helpful, easy, and doable. Similarly, the sections on social media are presented in solid, well-organized, sizable chunks that make incorporating and using the information much more easy than other sources I've read. Affiliate marketing is the topic I knew the most about in this book, and still, I learned quite a bit about options I've not pursued or thought about and more about how to improve both my own and my clients' websites. I've not read Gabriela Taylor before, and I will quickly be reading more of her books. I highly recommend this book to both beginners and seasoned marketers.We all have blind spots and areas that can be improved, and the information in this book is so wonderfully-organized and well-presented that it is my new first choice as an online marketing guide. Nor would I hesitate to hire this woman or recommend her as a consultant to people who are serious about ramping up their online marketing efforts. She obviously knows what she is talking about and can present her ideas and knowledge in a clear, concise, and easy-to-read and understand way. She never talks down to her reader and keeps the tone informative and engaging. Highly recommended! -Leslie, reviewed 'Advertising in a Digital Age'

I have a 4D Ultrasound Scanning Clinic and Gabriela helped me to set up my website. Now she is in charge of all our marketing (social, advertising, billboards, etc.). At the moment, thanks to the marketing campaigns she runs we are seeing between a 20-30% increase in customers every week. I highly recommend her as she not only professional and easy to work with, but is also an expert in marketing and gets results for my business. -Ghuncha, Owner of a 4D Ultrasound Scanning Clinic

This is a very informative book on what has become a Digital Age. The book walks you though the jungle and tells you what to watch out for and how to improve your catch! This is a area of advertising that changes almost daily, so read this while it is still real. What I liked is all the links that are given to get certain information and expand on what you have just read. This book kept my attention from start to finish, which is a lot when you realize most books are done after the first few chapters. -Matthew Baker, reviewed 'Advertising in a Digital Age'

As someone in the process of setting up a new business website I found the information in this book extremely useful. The author emphasizes the importance of quality content, how it drives engagement with your customers, and she describes the key elements for optimizing content. She then proceeds to lead the reader through the available avenues of social media which are used as tools to distribute your content and drive customer engagement. -Cynthia reviewed 'Plan, Create, Optimize, Distribute'

I am the owner of a blog and an online shop. I am still at my beginning with the last and this book was more than welcome. This is a guide step by step on how on how to use the most powerful today - the Internet - in your advantage. This book is easy to read, trust me you will understand everything and is full of useful links to online social networks, free domains and as well as paid, free photos uses, how to find yourself cheap logos and much more. If you have a business and you are like me at the beginning you will need this book. -Amina B reviewed 'Budget Marketing'

One great book with literally EVERYTHING you need to know about building and marketing your online biz in one convenient location. And it's very READABLE. Not a bunch of geek-speek and technical stuff. Everything is very straight forward and easy to understand. I really wish I'd of had this book during the "building" phase. Got it mostly for the marketing stuff in it but I've learned even more than I set out to learn because this book PUTS IT ALL TOGETHER! I had soooo much info in my head that I was on total overload. Then I started reading this book. It's in logical, sequential order where one thing leads to the next in a logical fashion. I'm almost done with the book but couldn't wait to write a review because I've already gotten SO MUCH great info and invaluable links to tools that I never knew existed. Very impressed with this book and would recommend it to both the novice and the so-called experts out there. The "experts" will like this book to share with less-informed colleagues or as a reference tool, which is where it's going in my library. -Kiki Kranx, reviewed 'Budget Marketing'

Google has more tools that anybody could ever imagine. Therefore a start-up owner needs a guide through this `labyrinth'. The book provides this kind of guide which largely batter than any similar attempts since it follows step-by-step approach of building a business with Google's tools and covers also each tools in detail. The presentation is self explanatory with beautiful colour pictures illustrating clearly any application. - Remus Titiriga reviewed 'Google Best Practices'

This is not only a book, it's a guide, be sure to have your computer with an internet connection right in front of you when reading it because it's the best way to apply all the information she's telling you! If you are a small company owner this is the perfect book for you to understand how to use, advertise and ever have some revenue using all the Google services! Kudos for Gabriela! - Andres Felipe Hurtado reviewed 'Google Best Practices'

Now a days, everything can be done and accessed from smart phones: credit cards, websites, tv shows, shopping... The list truly is endless! So when I decided to start my necklace website, I had a little trouble optimizing my page so that it looked just as nice on a mobile screen! Then I found this book that provides all the tools you need. In the very comprehensive and detail oriented pages of this book, I was able to learn everything I needed to fix my websites mobile page. Yesterday I received my first mobile order and at the moment I'm getting about 10% of the traffic to my site from mobile. The instructions and tips in this book are incredibly easy to follow and understand. Highly recommended! - DJesus reviewed 'Mobilize to Monetize'

It is rare to find a book with so many resources listed. This book is easy to read and small enough to fit in your bag while on the go. Read it bit by bit and play around online as you do. You will love this book. As a business owner, I learned things that I can implement right away. As a personal Pinterest user, I found out some neat tips and tricks. - Bonnie Joy Dewkett reviewed 'Pinterest Marketing'

Socialize to Monetize is an exceptionally well-written book about how to use social media to market your business products or services. What Gabriela does is introduce you to a variety of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Flickr, Viadeo, Ning and others), explain the benefits of each platform and how to use it to build a following and make money for your business. The book is clearly written and detail-rich. She explains how to open and set up business accounts, get followers, make a connection with them and how to use third party tools to attract more followers ~ all to build an expanded market for your products and services. She has a lot of interesting metrics. For example she shares the best times to post on Facebook and tweet on Twitter. What I really like about this book is that you can review the different social media platforms, decide which one to start with and then follow the very clear and detailed instructions in order to create a business presence using the platform you picked. If you're a business owner, social media can really help you to connect with more people and make more money. This book will show you how to do that. -Jennie Zahn reviewed 'Socialize to Monetize'

I found Gabriela Taylor's book on using social media for your business helpful and enlightening. The main problem I have is that it's such a subtle line between turning people off and turning people on marketing online. Her book covers the history and development of Mashable, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc and covers the right tools on each site to promote your business and get positive attention. It's also pretty new so it covers Instagram and several apps I didn't know about including a coupon app for Twitter. Very useful stuff. -Linda reviewed 'Socialize to Monetize'

This book is full of resources and examples. You will find a lot of marketing wisdom, facts and important social media statistics. The author also shares general social media marketing strategies that can be applied to any business. I had some previous success with Pinterest in terms of generating revenue, so I am not new at this. However, I was completely blown away with so much information for both newbies and internet marketing professionals such as myself. However, the author does an excellent job explaining exactly how businesses can profit from Pinterest. -Dimitry reviewed 'Pinterest Marketing'

If you are looking for a way to break into all the social media platforms that are out there right now then this is the book for you. It covers every topic you can imagine. If you are a beginner and know nothing about social media then, this is the book for you. If you have a social media account but don't know how to make money from it, this is the book for you. This book showed me how to set up an account, the apps and software I should use, and the best times to increase my traffic and followers with simple tips that I never would have thought of. There are tons of images so you can always follow along. If you use this book correctly I guarantee you will get more traffic quickly and easily. -Megan Williams reviewed 'Socialize to Monetize'

Social media is a constantly changing creature. Things change in an instant. Platforms come and go. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Being successful with social is about knowing what is effective now and acting on it, and the author does an excellent job of focusing on these key action points. I like the fact that she doesn't waste time with high level theory or waxing poetic on social media group hugs that most social books focus on. Just facts, metrics, stats, bullet points and actionable info. -Sean Earley reviewed 'Socialize to Monetize'

Written for anyone interested in learning about the different consumer groups to market to. Includes information on the different aspects of marketing to male vs female, different generations, Facebook and Twitter types, etc. packed with information and no fluff. I found this book to be very helpful to figuring out who I want to market too and how to market to them. Excellent book. -R. Gallant reviewed 'Targeting Your Market'

I cannot say enough about this book. It is a terrific book. The author has put so many ways to use Tumblr; I have pages of notes. Many things do not hold my attention for long as I get bored easily but this book I picked up this morning and read the entire book in one sitting. It was not only informative, but an easy read which kept me wanting to continue. I hope to read more of her books soon and now I have a lot of work to do on my two Tumblr blogs. -Holley Jacobs, Affiliate Marketer with Amazon reviewed 'Tumblr for Business'

Creating a product to sell is only half the battle. Often, you may have an outstanding product or excellent service, but if you're selling it to the wrong people, you might be wasting time and money and other resources. For that matter, the book provides straight-to-the-point, completely fluff-free tips in helping you laser-target your potential buyers, clients or customers--from accurately profiling your target market, to pinpointing their demographics, buying habits, and strategies to approach them. If you're trying to sell to the members of the so-called "Generation X", for example, the book not only teaches you the basics (who are the Gen X, anyway?), but also goes on to outline highly useful marketing information, such as shopping habits, how Gen X-ers use the internet, and the marketing vehicles that have been proven to successfully "tap" them. -Meghan reviewed 'Targeting Your Market'

This book really is the ultimate guide to Tumblr. I knew nothing about Tumblr before reading this book, but now that I have read it I feel like that I know everything there is about it. Gabriela Taylor really knows how to keep things simple but detailed, which I liked because I did not know what I was doing at the start. Something like this is a priceless possession to have if you are trying to get your business off the ground with the help of Tumblr. If you take advantage of what is in the pages of this guide then you will make for more than just your money back. I really can't recommend this highly enough. -Andrew David reviewed 'Tumblr for Business'

This is a really in-depth guide to understanding your market so that you can target them properly. It starts off by explaining what demographics and psychographics are and goes on to explain the differences of each generation and how to market accordingly. And all of it is explained in a way the is comprehensible and easy to follow. The book also has some great tips and ideas for marketing across cultures and marketing across genders. If you don't know your audience or are having trouble getting their attention you simply need to check out this book. -J. Hollister reviewed 'Targeting Your Market'