Emotional Guidance Scales: How to Deliberately Feel Better

Do you desire to:
• Reach your true destiny?
• Achieve ultimate happiness and enlightenment?
• Get in touch with your true self?

You can achieve all this and more by gaining a better understanding of the human behavior with the help of different scales that have been discovered and described by various scientists. The three most popular scales for better understanding of the human behavior, and to improve the self, are:

• “Map of Consciousness/Enlightenment Scale” by David R. Hawkins
• “Emotional Scale” by Abraham Hicks
• “Tone-Scale” by Ron Hubbard

The “Map of Consciousness” or the “Enlightenment Scale” by David R. Hawkins

Dr. David R. Hawkins designed a Map of Consciousness that explains different levels of human consciousness. This map can be used as a scale to reach higher levels of enlightenment with the help of Kinesiology, the science of testing muscle responses based on various stimuli.

According to Hawkins theory, a weaker mental state leads to a weaker body and thus, a lack of tension and strength in the muscles. Whereas, a mind that is calm and in control will be able to function in a better way, leading to a stronger body and muscular structure. The science of Kinesiology has been tested and proven, and using it with Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness can help you in determining your own level of consciousness and awareness within your body.

Using various positive and negative stimuli, you can gain responses from your body and determine your own level of consciousness. Once you are aware of your level, you can aim to achieve a higher level of consciousness by introducing other positive stimuli in your life and surroundings – always fill you life with people, events and thoughts that calibrate higher than where you are. Hawkins’ research revealed that 85% of the world population are below 200 energy level points, so below the level of courage.

The map of consciousness states the following levels on the Enlightenment Scale:

Enlightenment 700-1000 (this is the highest level of human consciousness)
Peace 600
Joy 540
Love 500
Reason 400
Acceptance 350
Willingness 310
Neutrality 250
Courage 200 (this is the level of empowerment, where you are aware that you are in charge of your own growth and success

Below 200 (below the critical level of integrity):

Pride 175
Anger 150
Desire 125
Fear 100
Grief 75
Apathy 50
Guilt 30 (associated with remorse, self recrimination, suicidal or worthlessness thoughts)
Shame 20 (associated with brutality, paranoia, bizarre crimes or sexual abuse)
Death 0 (this is the lowest energy level)

The “Emotional Scale” by Abraham-Hicks

On a daily basis, we experience a number of emotions from happiness to sadness, from anger to forgiveness, and so on. Abraham-Hicks has organized and arranged these emotions based on a scale, ranging them from good emotions to the bad ones. The aim of the Emotional Scale is to allow people to reach a better and higher emotional level with the help of awareness of their current state.

The more we accept our current emotional state, the easier it is to rise above it and improve it. Thus, self-awareness of emotions can help you in getting in touch with your true self, so that you can make efforts to move to the next step on the Emotional Scale.

Simply positive thinking is not enough to create a change in one’s emotions, awareness and acceptance of the current state is necessary to move up on the Emotional Scale. Depending on where we are on the scale, we will attract people and events that are vibrating at the same frequency as us. In general, being anywhere between Love (1) and Contentment (7) is great.

Abraham Hicks has mapped out 22 of our most common emotions in the following order:

1. Joy/Appreciation/Empowered/Freedom/Love
2. Passion
3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
4. Positive Expectation/Belief
5. Optimism
6. Hopefulness
7. Contentment
8. Boredom
9. Pessimism
10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
11. Overwhelment
12. Disappointment
13. Doubt
14. Worry
15. Blame
16. Discouragement
17. Anger
18. Revenge
19. Hatred/Rage
20. Jealousy
21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

The “Tone Scale” by Ron Hubbard

Every person communicates with others in a particular tone. When others do not respond to us in a similar tone, there is lack of communication and problems arise. According to Ron Hubbard, if you talk to a person in the same tone level as their own tone or at a tone level that is just one tone or half tone above their tone, you will be able to bridge the communication gap in a better way and be able to convey your message across.

The best way to modifies someone’s tone or to bring them to a higher tone level is to talk to them at their level and then gradually bring them towards higher tone levels. Improvement of tone of communication can help you interacting with people in a better way and will bring more happiness and hope into your life, as your tone can affect your outlook towards life.

If you draw an imaginary line, then people who use positive tones to communicate can be placed above the line and negatively toned people can be placed below it. The part above the line signifies people who are more alive and have a more positive outlook towards life (happier and healthier), whereas the bottom part contains people who are frustrated and tired of life in general.

The Tone Scale includes tones such as:

4.0 Enthusiasm (people like to follow your lead and you are always excited and eager to help others)
3.5 Cheerfulness
3.0 Conservatism
2.5 Boredom
2.0 Antagonism
1.8 Pain
1.5 Anger
1.1 Covert Hostility
1.0 Fear
0.9 Sympathy
0.5 Grief
0.05 Apathy
0.0 Body Death (you do not care about yourself or others and want people to pity you)

Although all three of these scales use different approaches, the end goal remains the same, to help us in understanding human behavior in a better way. Each of the above given scales uses varying methods for reaching the ultimate goal and for better enlightenment, but if you want to understand your true self, adopting the theories behind these scales can become the key to improving yourself and reaching your higher destiny. So unlock your true potential and become a better YOU with the help of the Hawkins’ “Enlightenment Scale”, Abraham-Hicks’ “Emotional Scale”, or Hubbard’s “Tone Scale”.

How to Manifest Money with the Law of Attraction

Proponents of the Law of Attraction believe that if you believe in something, you will be provided with it. The Universe itself will manifest everything you desire, as long as you attract it towards yourself in the right way. Whether you want to live in a bigger house, want a better job, or simply want more money, you have the power to manifest it in your life simply with the power of your mind.

What Is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction states that everything in this Universe exists within a parallel Universe as well, and if you require something in your life, think about it, believe in achieving it and you will receive it. You can attract anything you desire with the power of the Law of Attraction. ‘Like energy’ attracts ‘Like Substance’, so for every positive vibe that you send into the world, you get positive responses and for every negative energy wave, you will have to face its consequences as well.

The Law of Attraction is clearly stated with numerous examples in a film and a book, both by the name of “The Secret”. The law states that you can manifest your perfect life, simply by believing that you have already achieved it. Thus, you can find love, money, friends, career, and a lot more, merely by thinking and believing in it.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

The Law of Attraction states that the energy you send out into the world comes back to you in the same form. This means that if you send out vibes of joy, happiness, and fulfillment, you will receive these feelings and everything else that is needed to experience them. However, the law also asserts that if you send negative energy into the Universe, you will only attract negative occurrences into your life. For instance, if you want to reach your office on time, you have a constant fear in your mind that keeps repeating itself that “I do not want to be late to work”. The Law of Attraction is unaffected by words of negation. What you are actually thinking is “I do want to be late to work” and thus, you are delayed and reach the office late.

In order to reach your workplace on time, you need to focus on what you want, rather than focusing on what you do not want. You want to reach on time, then repeat it to yourself that “I will reach my office on time” and then, believe it. Visualize yourself reaching your office on time and believe it with the very core of your being. Your powerful positive thinking will be rewarded and you will never be late again as long as you continue to believe in the Law of Attraction and manifest positive things into your life. The Law of Attraction is a means of bringing your ideal life into creation. You can achieve anything you desire, as long as you believe that you have it and are grateful for it.

Money and the Law of Attraction

Most of us crave financial stability in our lives. Accordingly, we work hard to earn money and live our lives with ease. However, the Law of Attraction provides us with a simple yet successful way of attracting money towards ourselves. Manifest the money you want in your life. Simply believe to achieve it and enjoy it, and you will receive it as well.

Attracting money with the help of the Law of Attraction works in the same way as it works for anything else you desire to achieve in life. The thing that makes manifesting money difficult is our own stress, worries and doubts that are constantly channeling negative energy into the Universe, adding to the distance present between you and your well-deserved pot of gold.

Manifesting Money with the Law of Attraction

If you want to attract money into your life, stop thinking about your poor financial state and the unpaid bills. Stop counting every penny you have and believe in abundance. Prosperity can only be achieved when you believe that you have it and are making the most of it.

Do you want to know the secret to manifesting money? Here are the three main steps that can help you in attracting money into your life:

1. Stop Worrying and Believe
Money is a cause of concern for everyone. The sight of unpaid bills can lead to stress for even the calmest of people, but if you want to gain maximum benefits from the Law of Attraction, you need to stop worrying about the lack of money. If you continue to stress about your poverty and lack of resources, then that is the only thing you will be able to manifest in our life. Believe that you have enough money to live lavishly and visualize it. Every time you see something you like, don’t think “I can’t afford it”; think “I can buy this” or “I can afford that”. Believing is the first step to achieving.

2. Focus on Abundance and Prosperity
As the first step clearly states, you need to focus on the abundance of money and prosperity, not on the lack of it. If you think that you do not have enough money, you will never have it. Believe yourself to have an abundant supply of money, think of yourself as having a prosperous and lavish lifestyle. People block money from coming to them by focusing on its absence. Believe in its abundance and stop worrying about the ‘how?’ Your job is simply, to ask the Universe for what you wish to have in your life and the Universe will grant it to you. ‘How and where it comes from?’ should not be a part of your concerns.

3. Give and You Will Receive
The best way to get money is to give it. People who have money in abundance give it away to charity without a care in the world. Do you want to experience that carefree state in life? If yes, then start giving money to those in need of it without worrying or second-guessing yourself. What is meant for you will reach you if you believe in it. Give your money and think to yourself that you have plenty of it. The Universe will sense your satisfaction and happiness at having enough and will grant you more of the same.

The Power of the Law of Attraction

Follow the steps above and truly believe in the strength of positive thinking. Attract health, wealth, and happiness and create the ideal life for yourself. It is all possible if you simply believe. Ask the Universe for what you want to achieve and watch as the Universe answers you by granting you your deepest desires.

How Limiting Beliefs Affect Self-Esteem and Ways to Eliminate Them

Print Self esteem is a sensitive issue and something that we rarely discuss with other people. Beliefs play a vital role in the manner that you take on tasks and what you achieve. What you believe forms the basis for your self-esteem which then drives you towards achieving your goals.

Not all of us, unfortunately, are blessed with high self-esteem. For some of us, it is a little more difficult to believe that we can achieve certain goals.

What Are Self-Limiting Thoughts?
When you have low self esteem you fall prey to self limiting thoughts. We can be our own worst critics sometimes and it is this behaviour that becomes a barrier and slows us down. A self-limiting thought is usually a false perception that we have come to accept about ourselves.

These beliefs always stem from experience usually singular which may then affect future actions.

When you continue to tell yourself that there is something that you can’t do then you probably won’t be able to do it. Self-limiting thoughts are the other side of the coin when trying to strive for success. Rather than aspiring to succeed, you avoid failure and by keeping the fear of failure a primary thought, you limit yourself from succeeding.

Stop These Thoughts
Self-limiting thoughts turn you into your own worst enemy. It may be hard to believe, but you hold the power to control them within yourself. Take charge of your thoughts. You have all the tools you need in order to reach your goals. All you need to do is learn how to use them.

Understand Your Belief
Self doubt can be crippling and may lead to more problems as you progress through life. In order to rid yourself of self-limiting thoughts, you need to understand why you’re feeling the way you are. Can you think of a particular event that started this belief? A belief is usually an absolute truth that we believe about ourselves without really rationalizing our thoughts. This is just what is needed at this point. If you tell yourself you’re not good enough, then you need to rationalize that thought.

Identify the Source of Your Belief
Most of our self limiting beliefs stem form childhood. These beliefs then evolve over time and can actually begin to fester in our head becoming barriers to success. Identify why you believe a certain idea. If the belief is associated with a childhood memory then allow yourself to let it go. As time progresses you need to understand that the perceptions of a child may not necessarily be accurate.

Find a Counter Argument
Low self esteem can feel like an inner battle and self limiting thoughts are the ammo that it uses against you. This is the time when you need to start fighting back. For every negative thought that you have, think of a positive one. If you believe that there is something you can’t do, remind yourself of other milestones that you have reached. Allow yourself to feel better about who you are.

Identify how This Belief Has Limited You
Remember all the instances when a self limiting thought stopped you from going for what you wanted. Remember how you felt at that point. Writing things down helps make situations a little more real.
Understand just how much the fear and doubt has been holding you back from reaching your potential. This will allow you to see the pain accumulated as a result of this thought. Once you realize the pain that the belief has caused, you will not want to feel it again.

Don’t Feed the Monster
Thoughts have the ability to build up on their own and can fester and grow in your head. As these self limiting thoughts evolve, they can take over your life and keep you from not only succeeding but also from performing daily activities. If you give power to a thought, you will allow it to take over you. Refuse to give power to something that can have negative effect on your life.

Alternative Meaning
Criticism from outside sources may often have an effect on our self esteem. While we cannot control that which others say to us, we do have control over how we choose to perceive it. Someone may tell you that you are a bad cook but that does not necessarily mean that everything that you cook is bad based on the one dish that they happened to taste. Instead of blaming yourself for not being good enough, assign alternative thoughts to the situation. Self blame can be very easy but it is the root cause of self limiting thoughts. Tell yourself that taste is an entirely subjective matter and they may not have liked your cooking based on a difference of taste.

Visualize the Belief
Visualizing the belief can be done in two ways. Close your eyes and concentrate on the self limiting thought. First you can tell yourself to let go of the self limiting belief. Give it a physical weight in your mind. Assign it a physical image in your head and feel it fading away. As it moves away from you in your vision you will feel the weight of it being removed from your senses.
Additionally, you then need to replace the thought with a positive one.

Visualize yourself succeeding at the very thing that you tell yourself that you cannot do. Go for all the bells and whistles in your imagination and truly see yourself in that position of success. This will allow you to focus more on working towards success rather than trying to avoid failure.

While dispelling negative and self limiting thoughts is not an easy task, it is something that needs to be done in order to improve the quality of your life. Eliminating self doubt takes concentration, hard work and commitment. Once you eliminate these doubts you will find yourself a happier person who will be able to work more effectively towards their goals.

The Key to Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

As the year came to a close, we found ourselves yet again on the very same path: trying to set goals that we might never accomplish. Though our intentions may be honorable, our actions however fail to deliver by the end of January. One thing that we need to understand is that it’s not whether you set a goal, but how you set it.

Goal Setting has been quite the buzzword for a few years now and we find ourselves among suited up professionals telling us about how important goals are for future success. Studies show that only 80% of us actually set goals that we eventually accomplish.

Have you ever wondered why it’s only the 1% that has reached the pinnacle of success? Surely there must be some hidden secrets to their success that rich people give in ritual ceremonies to other rich people?

Not really. The secret astonishingly has been looking at us straight into our faces and we have been choosing to ignore it. The answer lies entirely in using the law of attraction to set goals.

What Is the Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction was once one of the most well kept secrets in the world. You may have heard that the best way to hide something is to keep it in plain sight. The Law of Attraction says that there is a “Universal Force” that is connected with our thoughts and feelings and we hold the power to manipulate the energy to our liking based on what we project towards it.

Imagine the Universe as a magnet that can be used to attract positive things into your life. A force field connects every cell in our human body to mankind and the Universe itself. If you project what you want onto the Universe, it will project the same things back to you. This is why it’s important to project positive thoughts and goals to the Universe so it returns them back to you.

So you heard about the Law of Attraction and started concentrating all your positive energies towards the Universe for the Ferrari that you want to buy. Yet, when you check your driveway every morning; no Ferrari. This was all a waste of your time, wasn’t it?

At the cost of sounding bipolar, we’ll have to say that “yes” it was. The problem with the Law of Attraction is that people don’t really seem to understand how to utilize it to their benefit. It is so much more than hoping for the best. When you set goals, you need to work towards achieving them and the Universe will reciprocate by placing opportunities ahead of you that will lead you towards them. The goal setting techniques that you use play a major role in success.

What you need to do is be SMART about it

The first thing you need to do is set a specific goal. If you’ve been yearning to shed those pounds for the past year, don’t just think that you need to lose weight. Think about how much weight you want to lose. What is your idea of a ‘Fit and healthy’ individual? And how would you like to feel once you lost all that weight? Set your goal and look for inspiration in others that have done the same.

Set up milestones for yourself to check your progress. If your goal is to make more money then you need to define how much more you need and how you want to feel when you get there. Will your financial goals be met when you hit your first million or the second? Or will it be much more ambitious and stand at your first billion?

For others it may be enough to simply live comfortably with the necessities of life with the peace of mind of having their bills paid. Money and wealth are relative terms and mean different things to people. Set up multiple indicators that will let you know when you’re on the right track and when your goal has been achieved.

Achievable & Aligned
No one knows you better than yourself. The capacity of how much you can implement yourself to a particular task should be gauged beforehand. If your goal is to start exercising more and you go out and run for 40 minutes, you will have nothing but sore legs the next day. This is when your energy and commitment will start to ebb and you will find yourself straying away from the goal that you set for yourself.

Start off slow and allow yourself to meet smaller goals before you head towards the bigger ones. The sense of accomplishment that you’ll feel as you meet each milestone will help you on your way to the gold. Build a vision board and believe that everything will come to you at the right time.

Additionally, you need to make sure that your goals are aligned with your values and belief systems. If you hate exercising in the first place maybe it’s not the best approach to staying healthy. Why not try a dance class that will help you stay fit and flexible. Alternatively, you may find that you love yoga over exercising. Find things that please your soul and you will be able to reach your goals.

It’s great to be a dreamer and wish to reach the stars. But if you never received the training to be an astronaut, the chances of your reaching the moon when you’re 30 are pretty slim. Making unachievable goals leads to low self-esteem and a sense of failure which projects negative energies to the Universe. If you expect failure to occur then it probably will.

Time Bound
This is one of the most important factors that you need to understand. Your goals are subject to time just as everything else in this world. Don’t say that “I will be running my own company someday”. Say “I will be running my own company in one year from now.” If you don’t set a timeline for your goals they may never happen.

“Whenever” or “someday” are not milestones to live by and you won’t even know when they’ve passed you by. Set a time frame for your goals and you will find yourself on the way to success. Here are some more pointers for setting your business, career and personal goals:

Look Back
Did you have any goals in 2014? Did you achieve these goals and failed at others? Whether or not you had goals in the past year, it is a good idea to look back and reflect on your business, career or personal progress. Retrospection always allows you to look at the future with a clearer view. If you made some mistakes in the past year, is there a way that you can avoid making these same mistakes this year? If there are goals that you had set for yourself or your business and you did not attain them, is there something that you can do differently in 2015 to help you achieve these essential goals? If 2015 is going to be a successful year for you, then looking back at the past year will help you create more realistic and achievable goals. Even if the past year was a great success for you, you can borrow some of the action steps you took to create and achieve your goals this year.

Where Do You Want to Be?
After retrospection, it is time to come back to now. Where do you want to be at the end of 2015? Answering this question is a first step to creating goals that will propel you forward. Write down where you envision yourself, your business or your career being. You may write this in the form of the net income you want to be earning by the end of the year or perhaps the additional hours you want to spend with your family as your strive for the right work/life balance. You may also answer this question by noting any actions you would like to take, to push your business or career forward. When you are clear about where you want to be, it becomes much easier to determine the action steps towards achieving your goals. Most people set up New Year Resolutions to quit smoking, lose weight, save or earn more money, succeed in business, travel more or spend more time with family. What about you? What would you like to have achieved by December 31st 2015?

Set Out Your Monthly Goals
In terms of online business, whether you are looking to generate more traffic to your website, increase your affiliate sales or engage more with your social community, it is best to set realistic and measurable goals. A good approach is to create monthly milestones or targets that you can achieve and measure. Setting monthly goals gives you more focus and perspective about the progress that your career or business is making.

Simplify Decision Making
To create and achieve your goals, it is essential to make your decision making process easier. While you may have so many things you would like to achieve in 2015, it is best to decide what is more important to you and leave out what you do not need this year. Indecision can be a huge obstacle in achieving your goals, but you can simplify the process through simple systems such as the “60 seconds rule.” Simply allocate 60 seconds to each decision that you have to make, including choosing the goals that are most important to you this year. Once your choice is made, boldly move on to execute it.

Place Your Efforts Where They Count
The concept of multi-tasking is quite popular in the world of business and career. However, many are questioning its effectiveness in helping individuals to meet their goals. Instead of trying to strain your efforts in doing everything, why not focus on those goals that will yield the greatest results for you? You cannot do everything for your business this year; plans change, new trends come in. Instead of trying to achieve all your goals at once, simply create three goals that you must absolutely focus on in 2015 to achieve your career, business or personal progress. Make a list of your daily tasks and check where you spend most of your time and see if you could outsource them or if they are absolutely essential. Remember that 20 percent of your efforts will yield 80 percent of the results.

Keep It Simple
When creating your goals, create goals that you know you can achieve and measure. Also, make the goals simple so you can always look up from your workstation and simply remember what you are supposed to achieve at the end of the month or year. One of the main reasons we may fail to achieve our goals is that these goals are simply too complex and we no longer want to look at them two months into the New Year. To follow through with your goals, start first by creating simple goals.

Create a Review System
Again, this does not have to be anything complex. When you create your goals, be sure to determine how you will continue achieving these goals. What steps will you take to achieve each of the goals? If you are looking to boost your marketing ROI what will you do to enhance and streamline your marketing campaigns? If your goals are to expand your client base, how do you plan to do this? Against each goal, note the specific actions to be taken. This will give you a clear picture of where you are going and how to get there. It is equally important that throughout the year, you review your goals to see the progress you are making. Be sure to review both the short and long terms goals you have for the year.

Develop a “To Do” List
‘To Do Lists’ have attracted some bad rap lately. Some critics may say that such lists do not have an impact on a person’s overall productivity. Nevertheless, creating yearly goals is essentially creating a ‘to do list,’ only a longer one. As noted earlier, it is better that you create short terms goals; in addition to your monthly goals, it is also a good idea to create daily goals. These little steps will keep you from being distracted from the main goal, your yearly goals. Therefore, embrace daily “to do lists” that set out mini goals, which directly lead you to the bigger goals you are looking to achieve. Only by achieving smaller goals will you be able to achieve and exceed the bigger ones.

Being a new year, 2015 holds many possibilities for you, your business or your career. You just have to determine what you want to attain,why you want it, how you want to feel and then take the necessary steps to get there.

12 Steps to Raise Your Frequency and Increase Your Vibration

Do you want to have a strong, unbreakable connection with your soul? Wish you could adopt positive thoughts, improved physical condition, or superior emotional states? If your answer to all these questions is YES, then you should start working to raise your vibration.

By raising your personal vibration, you can support your body-spirit-mind network. As a result, your body will get healthier and stronger, your energy levels will attain the right balance and equilibrium, and your mind will become peaceful. It is vital to apply the ideal tools and exercises to protect your emotional, physical, and psychological states from lower vibrations. These lower vibrations may include unpleasant emotions, such as fear, pain, or disappointment, and disagreeable situations and people.

Your Vibration and Health
Everything in universe resonates at certain frequencies. The same is true for human cells. According to different scientific studies, specific frequencies are able to prevent or completely destroy diseases. This is how your vibration level is linked with your physical, mental, and emotional states.

A few scientific studies also reveal that certain parts of the human body have their respective signature frequencies. Thus, it can be said that the vibration of the cells present in a healthy human heart is much different from that of an unhealthy heart’s cells. When a body part becomes diseased, it may not resonate at its original frequency anymore. In instances like these, you can restore your body to its healthy state only by improving its vibration.

Your Vibration and the Law of Attraction
The things you devote your focus, attention, and energy to, intentionally or unintentionally, are attracted into your life. All individuals give off certain vibrations when they feel, think, and act. When the people around you receive these vibrations, they may declare, “this person gives off really good/bad vibes”.

According to the law of attraction, the nature responds and gives you more of your own vibrations. Based on the belief “like attracts like”, this law states that an individual can support negative or positive results by emitting negative or positive vibrations. This cycle continues until you take a few effective steps to change it.

Raise Your Personal Vibration
If you’ve decided to raise your vibration to give your life a fresh start, but don’t know how you can get the task done, here are the basic helpful steps for your convenience. Read on to gain a better understanding of raising your vibration:

1. Stop Complaining, Start Appreciating!
Complaining about things that are beyond your control is not only counterproductive, but is also able to have a negative impact on your personal vibration. Constant complaints may make you feel better temporarily, but they can eat away your sense of satisfaction in the long run. Such acts can typically result in greater sadness, relationship problems, and negative thinking.

When you stop complaining about your problems and hardships, you’ll be in a better position to appreciate your life. Be grateful for what you already have. Morning dew, evening stars, scent of a flower, chirping birds, water droplets, refreshing rainwater, cool seasons – there are zillions of things that you can show appreciation for. You can even start with the “I’m Alive” expression to boost up your vibration.

2. Learn to Forgive
In addition to being an essential tool for soul advancement, forgiveness is one of the most practical means to raise your vibration. Forgiveness is not just a mental notion, idea, or thought. Instead, it is a time-consuming process that involves extensive analysis and deep understanding. It demands true attention, time, and patience.

True forgiveness occurs only when a person is ready to process through his/her emotions and feelings and willing to leave the agony behind. Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. No matter how horrible, traumatic, or bad others have been to you, consider forgiving them to protect yourself from potential anguish. This will enhance your energy and help you forget about painful thoughts. Learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes as it will prepare you to forgive others.

3. Devote Time to Nature
Your hectic routine may make it difficult for you to observe and appreciate natural beauty. You may simply get busy in the current world of information and technology and forget about the real purpose of your life. Find a way to combine your own world with that of the nature as the latter world’s vibration is absolutely pure. You can give your vibration a significant boost by surrounding yourself with refreshing natural elements.

Whether you walk along the seashore, enjoy the atmosphere of your local park, or visit a hilly area, spending some time in nature on a daily basis will help you relax, forget about your worries, and clear your mind. Even if you reside in an urban area, look for green, peaceful parks where you can come closer to the natural environment. As a result, you are likely to become more involved in your beautiful, relaxed present.

4. Positive Words
Innumerable words come out of your mouth on a daily basis as you express your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and opinions freely. However, you may be unaware of the negative or positive effect your words tend to have on yourself as well as on the people around you. Your words may emit energy that can provoke others to respond and react. Words are a powerful tool that you can use to direct energy into your body.

Choose your words carefully as they have the power to build or destroy the people around you. The words you listen to and speak shape your life. Avoid gossips and negative conversations as they can damage your personality and bring your vibration to lower levels. To raise your vibration to considerable levels, make sure to control your words rather than letting them control you.

5. Positive People
Having negative people around you can exhaust your energy. It is a good idea to stay away from people who criticize your ambitions and dreams. Surround yourself with individuals who not only believe in your abilities, but can also help you turn your dreams into reality. Good friends, motivating teachers, spiritual acquaintances, or inspiring relatives can have a strong, positive impact on your vibrational frequency. Your personal vibration largely depends on the kind of people you surround yourself with.

Your rapport with others can raise your happiness share. Spend your time with people who give you a chance to show your true self, help you enjoy their company, be inspired, and forget about your problems. Try to link with people who share your passions and interests.

6. Positive Sounds
Music can be an amazing tool to increase your frequency. However, hateful, painful, violent, or fearful music can send involuntary messages to your subconscious and have a negative impact on your mood and energy. If you want to give your life an optimistic touch, try surrounding yourself with passionate, relaxing music. Whether instrumental or vocal, music can be considered as a type of speech or language. You simply have to understand its various shades, tones, patterns, and rhythms to make its best use to raise your personal vibration.

People looking to raise their vibrations should make positive sounds a vital part of their lives. Listen to refreshing, uplifting music. The music you listen to can make you feel sad, happy, thrilled, or peaceful. Keep yourself occupied with music that has a joyful, relaxing, and positive effect on your personality. Your body can absorb sounds to keep its balance and energy at the right levels.

7. Positive Food
Organic, pure, and fresh fruits and vegetables are the supreme alternatives to raise your vibration. These are the best natural food items that have high frequencies. You can relish some celery, beans, carrots, fruits, or other vegetables as healthy snacks. They not only keep you energized, but also serve as natural healers. It is important to consume food to maintain your energy levels. However, it should not be an unconscious act.

The food you eat is able to improve as well as destroy your energy. Most food items consumed today are pretty low in vibration due to artificial processing and farming practices. Such items should be eliminated from your diet. For instance, anything having preservatives, chemicals, pesticides, refined sugar, and refined flour should be avoided. A healthy, balanced meal is critical for greater vibration and optimal health.

8. Exercise
Exercise not only strengthens your entire body, but also supports your mental and emotional states. It can also increase your vibration considerably. Pay attention to your body while you exercise as it can let you determine its requirements. Get your body involved in a good workout session. You can run, swim, ride a bicycle, play your favorite sport, lift weights, or do any other enjoyable physical activity.

You simply have to get the blood rushing through your body to enjoy greater levels of energy. Physical exercise not only keeps you energized and provides your brain with additional oxygen, but it also encourages the discharge of certain frequency raising chemicals. Your body responds to these chemicals as you feel good, relaxed after completing a workout session.

9. Meditation
Mediation is one of the easiest approaches you can use to learn about yourself. It makes you more aware of your ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and values. This, as a result, helps you get rid of bad judgments and habits for good. It also enables you to get inspired and promote spiritual awareness. You are not required to meditate like a monk or yogi. Instead, take a few moments out of your busy routine every day, find a peaceful spot, sit in a relaxing position, and set your thoughts free. During meditation, you don’t let negative ideas disturb your thought process.

This enables your vibration to increase as this is the time when you get connected with your intuition. Regular meditation can gradually bring your frequency to a higher level. Meditation can help you eliminate negative thoughts and improve your spiritual, physical, and emotional self.

10. Detoxification
Toxins have a negative impact on your energy levels. Water is a kind of life force. Consuming large amounts of water will help your body get rid of toxic materials and maintain your energy at the right levels. It is also imperative to eliminate alcohol, cigarettes, and refined foods from your life. Water can raise your vibrational frequency, particularly when energized with the right intention.

Make sure you are always well hydrated as water is the perfect conductor for refined spiritual energy. You can even opt for a refreshing shower or bath to make good use of the water’s high frequency.

11. Deep Breathing
Think meditation is too difficult, challenging for you? You can try a few breathing techniques to raise your vibration. Deep, slow breaths can give your vibration the required boost. This strategy is preferred by many people as anyone can perform this anywhere, anytime.

Take a deep breath though your nose until your chest is completely filled with air. Use your nose to exhale slowly until your chest is completely empty of air. Performing this exercise a number of times throughout the day is a good approach to improve your vibration.

12. Essential Oils
When the human body loses its equilibrium, organic and pure essential oils usually help the cells vibrate at appropriate frequencies. Since each essential oil has a particular frequency, it should be used with care. According to different studies, low-frequency oils can cause physical changes, middle-frequency oils can cause emotional changes, while high-frequency ones are known to cause spiritual changes in the human body.

As a prudent individual, you have enough courage to take responsibility for the improvement of your own life. Manifest the best version of your personality, take conscious actions, and avoid reacting to unhealthy emotions and situations.

Embrace the above mentioned changes to allow a superior flow of energy into your body and mind. This will raise your vibration to improve your outlook of life. Additionally, you will have greater chances to encounter other individuals with better vibrations and welcome pleasant and positive situations in your life. So are you ready to become a truly energetic person who is meant to vibrate at higher frequencies?