The Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions Connection

When we talk about the human body, most of us refer to the physical form that we see in front of us. However, in reality, every person is made up of four bodies, all of which interrelate to one another and coexist in harmony.

A disruption or imbalance between these bodies can lead to a number of health problems. Thus, it is necessary to understand how one body relates to another and how they can all be kept in perfect balance to live a healthy and happy life.

Four Bodies that Make One Complete Whole

In order to balance our four bodies, we first need to discover what these are and understand them thoroughly. The four bodies are:

The mental body encompasses our mind and thought processes. It is that part of our body, which deals with reason, logic, and perception. All thoughts, beliefs, and mental capabilities are controlled by our mind or mental body. From the most basic concepts to advanced theories and secrets of the universe, the mental body has power over it all and can expand its reach to great limits, enabling you to think beyond your wildest imagination in the search for logical perception. Our mental body allows us to perceive the world in a particular manner and governs our thoughts regarding everything we experience in our lives.

The most commonly understood body is the physical form. It is the way we see our body in its human form. Made of flesh and blood, with bones, muscles, and organs; covered by layers of skin. The physical body is a material presence, a tangible form that provides us with the ability to use our senses of touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. It is also a body that grows and changes in shape, capable of experiencing pain and injuries.

The soul or spirit within the body is our spiritual self. Known as an aura or a soul, the spirit is our purpose of life. It is the means of finding one’s true destiny in the world. The spirit is what gives you the purpose to strive forward and become a better person. Every soul is said to have its purpose and the spiritual body is lost without it. A disturbed spiritual state can lead to mental stress and cause physical health problems as well. The spiritual state is the consciousness and discovery of who we really are and what our life’s purpose is supposed to be.

The fourth and last body is the emotional one, concerned with our feelings, sentiments, and reactions. Famous author, Daniel Goleman, states that people excel in their lives if they have self-awareness, a control over their impulses, persistence, empathy for others, motivation and drive to achieve their goals, and good communication and social skills. We lose our tempers and act on our impulses due to the state of our emotional body. With time, the emotional body grows and matures, providing us with better control over our feelings. A happy person will face less health issues as compared to a person who is depressed, because negative emotions channel negative energy through your body and damage your mental and physical health.

Maintaining a balance between these bodies is necessary for living a stable and healthy life. The harmonious coexistence of the four bodies; mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional, is the key to ultimate health and happiness in the world.

Multiple Brains Integration Techniques (mBIT)

According to recent research, humans have three sets of neural networks in their body within the heart, the brain, and the gut. Known as mBraining or Multiple Braining, this theory is explained by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu, in a book by the same name. Within this book, the authors describe ways of integrating all of the three brain networks for maximized usage. Multiple Brains Integration Technique or mBIT are various techniques that can be utilized to optimize the functioning of the three brains within the body. With proper training, you can learn to use all of your neural networks and enhance your mental capabilities.

The concept of mBraining and mBIT is to maximize usage of mental faculties and provide you with the opportunity to align your three brains and control them harmoniously. Thus, mBraining is the process and mBIT are the techniques that can lead to proper utilization of your mental abilities. Adaptation of the mBIT methods will allow you to become more self-aware of your decisions and take control of your life in a better way. It can ultimately lead to a healthier and less stressful lifestyle.

Balancing Your Life

Equilibrium between the four bodies and the three brains can lead to a happier life. So how can you achieve this balance? You can maintain a peaceful connection between the different aspects of your mind, body, emotions, and spirit, with the help of several easy practices. These include:

Yoga – Involving strengthening and breathing exercises, yoga is a great way to find inner calm and balance between the four bodies.

Diet – A good diet is not only necessary for a healthy physical body. Sufficient intake of nutrition is necessary for the proper functioning of your mental capabilities as well.

Positive Thinking – Negative thoughts and feelings channel through your body, causing harmful effects. The power of positive thinking and its miraculous effects on the body cannot be ignored.

Herbal Remedies – What better way to find harmony than within nature itself? Herbal products can help you in staying calm and fit, allowing you to connect with you inner soul.

Meditation – get in touch with your spirit with the help of meditative techniques. They will help you in understanding your mental and spiritual body in a better way to provide positive effects.

Exercise – It is ideal to exercise every day as it can help in keeping the physical body healthy and fit.

Law of Attraction – This law states that everything you desire exists within a parallel universe. All you have to do is believe in achieving it and attract it towards yourself. People can attract good or bad experiences in this manner, simply based on their mental thought processes.

With the use of these balancing techniques, and proper understanding of the energy bodies, we can adopt a happier and healthier lifestyle. Thus, it is vital to understand the connection between the mind, body, spirit, and emotions so that a perfect harmony can be maintained.

A Shift in Mass Consciousness Is Occurring: Understanding the Roles We Play

Humankind is in a state of crisis. With ecological, social, economic and political troubles hot on our heels, we seem to be spinning in circles. What humanity needs today is a complete transformation and a movement into an entirely new direction. As the corporate world grows stronger and materialism takes deeper roots in our personalities we find that a transformation is much easier said than done.

Stress, despair and catastrophe have become words we use daily and man-made calamities seem to be increasing the pressures that we have piled up in our lives. While the future looks increasingly bleak today we must realize that a mass shift in consciousness is already happening on a global scale and that we are all a part of it.

What is Consciousness?
In this world we are surrounded by an energetic force which is omnipresent. This force runs through all organisms, space, earth, the stars, universe and even thoughts and emotions. This field of consciousness is what allows us to connect with other things in this Universe. Scientists found that humans were able to influence photons in an organized manner and that these interactions are facilitated through the consciousness. In fact, it was also discovered that human emotions had the ability to affect consciousness and that positive feelings would help chromosomes to open up while negative thoughts would bind them.

How It Began
The shift in consciousness began in the 1960s and is still raging today.

Personal and Global Consciousness
Some believe that a massive shift in global consciousness can be brought about by a disaster or calamity which will compel people to think differently. The effectiveness of such a method is something that we wouldn’t want to find out. Luckily, there is a more effective method out there that can help us. In order to reach a mass consciousness we need to do it on our own.

As global connectivity increases, we need to take a hard look at what is going on in the world and take responsibility for our actions. A shift has already taken place as we see that exploitation and manipulation can no longer stay alive for long in the presence of the Internet. Websites such as wikileaks are forcing people to take a look at their actions and understand what the consequences of certain actions are.

A global conversation on the problems of the world has started and it will not cease until a solution has been reached. This is where our personal consciousness comes in. Every drop in the sea counts and you need to recognize the things that need to change.

How the Global Shift Is Affecting Us
We are moving to a higher state of consciousness and therefore to a higher vibration (some calls it “5D”). Our current limited state which has barricaded us will be shed off as we become more spiritually evolved and are freed from the problems of our current existence. As we become more enlightened, we will work against the current world where violence, strife, struggle, pain and chaos is prevalent. As we evolve along with elevated levels of vibration we will be challenged to let go of our current perceptions and limited being. This is easier said than done.

Humans are predisposed to hanging on to what they know and understand. Our instincts are much more comfortable with elements that are familiar to us which is why we are so hesitant to take on a new understanding. For many of us who are resistant to these changes, the transition may result in problems such as anxiety, depression, OCD ad ADHD. Not all effects of the transition however are negative. Some may become more compassionate, blissful, guided and have a deeper understanding of themselves and the word around them.

What We Can Do
The dramatic and massive reordering of the current world and our consciousness is bringing about changes that can greatly benefit us. If we embrace the changes that we undergo, we will ultimately reach a higher level of awareness of our inner selves. In order to bring about this increased awareness on a global scale, it is our duty to begin working on our own individual inner consciousness.

Make a Choice
We need to forego the current state of production, materialism, consumption and submission. We are currently at a crossroads on our lives where we must make the decision of staying in our current state or opening the gateway to our spiritual awakening. While one cannot say what the right or wrong decision is, it will determine where you stand as the evolution takes place.

Understand the Consequences of our Actions
We need to gain a higher understanding of the problems that we face on a global scale and how our actions may have led to those results. We not only need to understand the effect of the physical acts that we have done as an individual but all those that we have done as a human race. Understand that in light of all that has gone wrong we need to play our part in rectifying it.

Know Your Place in the Bigger Picture
As we begin to truly understand our place within the global transition, we will be better able to connect with the society as a whole. As the consciousness of individuals increases, a mass shift will take place and bring about a connectedness that will bring about enlightenment. This enlightenment is what will illuminate the way and give us the ability to change the way in which things work. The mass shift in global consciousness is taking place right now and will continue to do so for years to come. We, being a part of that energetic force, need to embrace it rather than resist it.

Mindset vs. Skillset: Which One Is More Important as a Small Business Owner

Being an entrepreneur can be extremely fulfilling. A small business owner, however, has his work cut out for him. It’s easy to become optimistic when we hear of start-ups brilliantly pop-ping up and taking the world by storm. One thing that we don’t hear about in the news is the number of start-ups that don’t make it.

Skillset vs. Mindset
There has been an ongoing debate between small business owners regarding the factors behind the success of a small business. When a small business starts out, its major resource is its owner and it is the owner that sets the direction for success or failure. In order to understand just what makes a small business tick, it is important to know what the entrepreneur can do for it. The debate between mindset and skill set rages on in the same vein as book smart and street-smart. I fact, the two concepts may be rather similar to one another.

What is a skillset?
Since the day we are born we are thrown into a series of situations that are going to help us develop skills. These skills will ultimately lead to one goal – success in the money making sphere. One must consider why the acquisition of skills is given so much importance in the world that we dedicate our entire lives to accumulating them from attending school, to high school, university and then trainings. We are constantly making efforts to collect skills that will give us that extra edge and the strong line in the CV. Skills can be defined as social, technical, and digital tools used by professionals to increase effectiveness in the workforce. As the world is constantly evolving and newer technologies emerge, the required skill sets to remain on top of the game are also constantly changing.

What is a “Mindset”?
This concept is very different from that of skill set. Unlike skills, a mindset cannot really be acquired while sitting in a classroom. Perhaps this is why we never really see any schools dedicated to improving the mindset of a person. Mindset refers to the lens through which we look at the world. The mindset refers to world view of an individual – it refers to the manner in which they perceive life and the attitude that they have towards it.

Mindset, Skillset and the Small Business Owner
What characteristics define a small business owner? When it comes to running a business, a small business owner should first and foremost know how to lead he business and its employees towards success. The logical answer to most questions is if you don’t know how to do something then you simply learn it. This difference is much more pronounced when it comes to sales. If you don’t have the skills to negotiate naturally can you really take a class to learn how?

While it is rather clear that a mindset is much more essential to a small business owner as compared to a skill set, it does not mean that the mindset is the stand alone solution to the problems of the small business owner.
Implementing a clear balance between the two is what leads businesses to success.

Imagine your skill sets as a tool box. Each skill you’ve acquired can be used in a particular situation the mindset however is the understanding of which tool can be best implemented in a situation. In fact, the mindset is something that can help you even if you don’t have the required tool in hand. The mindset is what helps you reach your goal by working with what you have.

Why Mindset Is so Important?
The fact that mindset is given so much importance in the real often comes as a shock to novice entrepreneurs. This is because they’ve been predisposed to giving importance to skill development their entire lives only to be told that it isn’t enough. You can be working doggedly and relentlessly but if you don’t have the belief and conviction to succeed, nothing’s going to happen. At this point you need to put on your leadership goggles and understand what is wrong with your perception.

The best entrepreneur and leader is one who thinks on a global scale and is a strategist. When you’re the spearhead of an organization, it’s your attitude towards it that determines the direction it will go in. If you perceive it in a negative manner believing that certain tasks can’t be done, then they won’t be.

In fact 80% of business problems are personal in disguise. Simply changing your attitude towards the business can help the business move forward. Think of it as the ripple effect. The leader and small business owner should be the one who cares most about the success of the business. When you fail to show a positive attitude towards it, this feeling will slowly trickle down the hierarchy and instill itself into every one’s mind.

Negative thoughts don’t only poison your own mind but also of those who are working with you. Negativity is highly contagious and letting it eat away at you business is something that you simply cannot afford.

Find the Perfect Balance between the Two
For people who love to live on extremes it is always a choice between skill set and mindset. What they don’t realize is that one cannot exist without the other. A small business where only one is implemented will starve because it isn’t receiving a healthy diet of its two staple foods.

Skillsets are required on entry. Once you have the ultimate resume in your hands, it’s time to put your mindset into action and implement those skills that you worked so hard to acquire.

Your mindset is something that you cannot acquire overnight. Changing your vision takes time and experience. In fact, it is quite often when we find ourselves facing a wall that we learn to turn around and change direction.

Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

Business Time. Management concept with clockBeing an entrepreneur can be a most exciting thing. When it comes to small businesses, entrepreneurs today definitely have their work cut out for them. The current state of the economy means that you have to be working at it 24/7.

Even after putting in all this time, you may still feel some things slipping away from you. This is where the old adage comes in “Work smarter, not harder!”

Time management is an imperative skill for an entrepreneur and effective time management is what ultimately leads to success.

Have a Team You Trust
When it comes to important tasks you need to have people you can trust in times of crisis. Your team should understand business processes fully and know the business. Communication and clarity are extremely important in business and an effective team will work like a well-oiled machine.
Your team should be able to coordinate matters and effectively communicate even at times when you are not available.

You may think that you can take care of everything but in situations when time is crucial you need to figure out which task has more importance. Identify these tasks before hand and make sure that they are complete before schedule. This will allow you ample time to take care of tasks which may not harm the business if left behind.

Have a Cushion
When setting tasks, make sure you take less time in executing them than required. If tasks are finished beforehand this can leave you with ample breathing space. This strategy will come in handy in emergency situations. When something goes wrong you will have the assurance of that extra cushion of time.

Delegate Responsibility
On behavior that plagues many small business owners is that of handling everything themselves. Since entrepreneurs have been predisposed to take care of tasks themselves since the birth of the business they feel that they are best positioned to handle them. You need to consider what you can get done and what you can’t. Understand the tasks that can be delegated to other employees.

Don’t Expect Perfection
Perfection is quite simply out; unattainable. Even if you try to get as close to the idea as possible you will find that it is a time eating monster. No entrepreneur has the time to look after meticulous details. Keep your eye on the bigger picture and make sure to complete tasks on time.

There are certain tasks that cannot be taken care of in-house. In fact you may be able to get better results from a company that specializes in a particular task. Small businesses don’t generally require dedicated departments for these specialized tasks since they are only required on occasion. These dedicated departments may also end up costing more than you can afford.

Effective Planning
Although this is a no-brainer, it is imperative to time management. Set goals and create timelines associated with them. Make sure that you have an effective system in place with predefined business processes. These processes should be conveyed to every member of the organization so they know what steps to take in case of an issue.

Do Not Multitask
Multitasking can be extremely deceptive. While it may seem that more work is being done, you are doing the quite opposite. What you make up for in time you let go of in efficiency. Single tasks which are planned sequentially have been known to work better. In fact, the human brain is actually hard wired to perform sequential tasks rather than multitask.

Rest a While
The human body has certain limits and you need to identify what yours are. Arriving to work tired and working endlessly may be lowering the quality of your work. Effectively plan tasks and get things done the correct way. Being well rested will increase your ability to focus and have you prepared. In fact, this will increase your productivity in the allocated time that you contribute to the business.

Have a To-Do List
A little goes a long way. Keep a list of tasks that you need to get done personally. The list will help you keep track of small things such as booking parking spaces.

Technology Is Your New Best Friend
There are many project management software programs available on the market at cheap rates they can help keep your business on track and let you make future decisions based on previous activities. If you cannot afford these software programs then there are many other solutions available for you. Invest in a tablet for your business and download management apps. In fact there are many cloud applications which help you manage a project with your team mates.

Remove all Barriers to Communication
Establish a network of communication. Delayed communication can be more detrimental to your business than you would think. If you are unavailable, who will take care of tasks? The established hierarchy in the business can serve as a standard for the network.

Reduce Meetings
Meetings are gaping holes which just completely consume much needed time. Time is money in business and you cannot afford to spend hours in meetings. Don’t schedule too many and set a time limit on them. While it is easier to hash things out in person, keep them at a minimum.

Learn to Say NO
This is a word that you would never want to say to a customer, but sometimes it just needs to be done. If you already have too much on your plate, don’t take that extra order that you just know won’t be finished on time. Rather than jeopardizing those that you already have scheduled, say no to those that can’t be done.

The customer may be disappointed at the refusal but it would still be better than an angry customer demanding better service. Time management can feel like a juggling act of many entrepreneurs. Learn to take a moment to breathe and take time out for yourself. This will allow you to look at the bigger picture and take care of the things that need to be done.

How Limiting Beliefs Affect Self-Esteem and Ways to Eliminate Them

Print Self esteem is a sensitive issue and something that we rarely discuss with other people. Beliefs play a vital role in the manner that you take on tasks and what you achieve. What you believe forms the basis for your self-esteem which then drives you towards achieving your goals.

Not all of us, unfortunately, are blessed with high self-esteem. For some of us, it is a little more difficult to believe that we can achieve certain goals.

What Are Self-Limiting Thoughts?
When you have low self esteem you fall prey to self limiting thoughts. We can be our own worst critics sometimes and it is this behaviour that becomes a barrier and slows us down. A self-limiting thought is usually a false perception that we have come to accept about ourselves.

These beliefs always stem from experience usually singular which may then affect future actions.

When you continue to tell yourself that there is something that you can’t do then you probably won’t be able to do it. Self-limiting thoughts are the other side of the coin when trying to strive for success. Rather than aspiring to succeed, you avoid failure and by keeping the fear of failure a primary thought, you limit yourself from succeeding.

Stop These Thoughts
Self-limiting thoughts turn you into your own worst enemy. It may be hard to believe, but you hold the power to control them within yourself. Take charge of your thoughts. You have all the tools you need in order to reach your goals. All you need to do is learn how to use them.

Understand Your Belief
Self doubt can be crippling and may lead to more problems as you progress through life. In order to rid yourself of self-limiting thoughts, you need to understand why you’re feeling the way you are. Can you think of a particular event that started this belief? A belief is usually an absolute truth that we believe about ourselves without really rationalizing our thoughts. This is just what is needed at this point. If you tell yourself you’re not good enough, then you need to rationalize that thought.

Identify the Source of Your Belief
Most of our self limiting beliefs stem form childhood. These beliefs then evolve over time and can actually begin to fester in our head becoming barriers to success. Identify why you believe a certain idea. If the belief is associated with a childhood memory then allow yourself to let it go. As time progresses you need to understand that the perceptions of a child may not necessarily be accurate.

Find a Counter Argument
Low self esteem can feel like an inner battle and self limiting thoughts are the ammo that it uses against you. This is the time when you need to start fighting back. For every negative thought that you have, think of a positive one. If you believe that there is something you can’t do, remind yourself of other milestones that you have reached. Allow yourself to feel better about who you are.

Identify how This Belief Has Limited You
Remember all the instances when a self limiting thought stopped you from going for what you wanted. Remember how you felt at that point. Writing things down helps make situations a little more real.
Understand just how much the fear and doubt has been holding you back from reaching your potential. This will allow you to see the pain accumulated as a result of this thought. Once you realize the pain that the belief has caused, you will not want to feel it again.

Don’t Feed the Monster
Thoughts have the ability to build up on their own and can fester and grow in your head. As these self limiting thoughts evolve, they can take over your life and keep you from not only succeeding but also from performing daily activities. If you give power to a thought, you will allow it to take over you. Refuse to give power to something that can have negative effect on your life.

Alternative Meaning
Criticism from outside sources may often have an effect on our self esteem. While we cannot control that which others say to us, we do have control over how we choose to perceive it. Someone may tell you that you are a bad cook but that does not necessarily mean that everything that you cook is bad based on the one dish that they happened to taste. Instead of blaming yourself for not being good enough, assign alternative thoughts to the situation. Self blame can be very easy but it is the root cause of self limiting thoughts. Tell yourself that taste is an entirely subjective matter and they may not have liked your cooking based on a difference of taste.

Visualize the Belief
Visualizing the belief can be done in two ways. Close your eyes and concentrate on the self limiting thought. First you can tell yourself to let go of the self limiting belief. Give it a physical weight in your mind. Assign it a physical image in your head and feel it fading away. As it moves away from you in your vision you will feel the weight of it being removed from your senses.
Additionally, you then need to replace the thought with a positive one.

Visualize yourself succeeding at the very thing that you tell yourself that you cannot do. Go for all the bells and whistles in your imagination and truly see yourself in that position of success. This will allow you to focus more on working towards success rather than trying to avoid failure.

While dispelling negative and self limiting thoughts is not an easy task, it is something that needs to be done in order to improve the quality of your life. Eliminating self doubt takes concentration, hard work and commitment. Once you eliminate these doubts you will find yourself a happier person who will be able to work more effectively towards their goals.