Practical Tips to Increase the Power of Your Mind

Science has accomplished much in studying the brain and what happens during a specific activity. By measuring this, it has led to breakthroughs in using your mind to its fullest capability by utilizing binaural beats.

Is this new? Not at all! Many cultures used this exact same process through sounds that were consistent and rhythmic in nature. The scientific discovery actually took place in 1839 by Dr. Heinrich Dove. Further work was done in 1973 at Mount Sinai hospital. Melinda Maxfield, PhD, did extensive research on drumbeats that were used in various rituals. She discovered that those rhythms generally were at a rate of 4.5 beats per second. When this is done constantly, it places the brain into one of the brainwave states known as Theta. The other states in order are Delta 0.5-4 Hz, Theta 4-8 Hz, Alpha 8-14 Hz, Beta 14-40 Hz and Gamma 40+ Hz.

Each of these have been studied and documented on what takes place in the brain but in the body as well and the applications for improvement of those activities can be reproduced through sounds that are designed for each activity. What if you were studying for a test and needed to be able to focus on the material? The Alpha state causes relaxation and focus and thus would be the best option for the task. You finished studying and need to get some sleep so you’re rested for class the next day. The Delta stage takes place during cellular regeneration and would give you optimum rest.

Another interesting development that has come about through this study into brain activity has revealed that people who have attention deficit disabilities (ADD/ADHD) have high levels of slow brain activity, usually the Theta and Alpha ranges. It explains why conventional treatment of stimulants produces a calming effect but if Neuro training along with Binaural beats are used instead, the patient isn’t dependent upon chemicals and has greater control over how they can manage their treatment. Theta waves obviously quite useful for healing and have been discovered during studies of periods of hypnosis, meditation and dreaming.

If you want to turbocharge your immune system for optimal healing and renewal of mind and body after physical activity and mental stress, consider the power of binaural beats technology. An added benefit to using binaural beats is that the added stimulation to the brain will lead to the creation of neural pathways which leads to dendrite growth. What’s that mean? It’s like an ‘upgrade’ to your brain to let it process neural communications faster. These pathways normally are created when you learn something new. The problem is if something isn’t continually practiced, those pathways can inactive, thus the saying, “use it or lose it.” Elder care research has also discovered that senility is connected to the loss of these dendrite paths. For people interested in Lucid Dreaming, the ability to know you’re dreaming and act in it (as in the movie Inception) Theta wave levels help you relax faster while retaining awareness of what’s going on.

If you’re looking for the most efficient level and range for using the power of your mind and practicing brain programming, you’ll want to look at the Alpha-Theta border which is found from around 7 Hz to 8 Hz. Beta is often associated with the state you’re in while awake. The challenge is that higher levels in the Beta range lead to stress and anxiety. You don’t know anyone with that problem do you? When you’re drifting, daydreaming or entering light meditation, you’re in the Alpha range. Jose Silva’s method is based in the Alpha range. When you’re in dreamless, deep sleep, you’re in a very slow energy range that allows extensive healing which is why people who don’t get much sleep, as in those in untreated Sleep Apnea, have the extensive health problems they do because they can’t reach the Delta range. The most recently discovered range has been in the fastest range, 40 Hz and above which is called Gamma. Studies so far have shown that this range influences upper level processing of information.

Because it is binaural, you will need headphones, or two earbuds etc. No multitasking allowed by half listening because you won’t enable the state you want to reach. The formula is simple; two slightly different frequencies are sent through the ears, the brain takes these and registers it as one tone. For example, if you sent a 210 Hz tone to the right ear and a 205 Hz tone to the left ear, your brain will hear one 5 Hz frequency. There are many free tracks for use and also beat generators. Using binaural beats unfiltered to some can be annoying; a common option is listening to natural sounds that you’ll focus on. The harmonic waves are still there but not in their purest form. Depending on what your goal is, listening to most binaural beats are best done while sleeping; alpha for a light nap or delta and theta for a full, complete rest.

History and science show that there is a pattern to our thoughts and harmony of our bodies and when we use the technology and awareness of brainwaves and techniques such as binaural beats, you can have the optimum mental and physical health you deserve.

Holiday Revenue Boost: Make Your Small Business Sparkle This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a joyful, albeit busy time of year for small business owners. No matter what industry you’re in, this is a prime time to really aim to stand out above your competitors. But as a business owner, with everything else you have on your plate especially during the holidays, where do you find the extra hours to put towards good marketing, smart budgeting, and staying ahead of your competition?

The good news is that you don’t have to drown amidst trying to figure out how to navigate your business during the holiday season and beyond. Business coaches are a saving grace in times like these and can truly help you bring your business to the next level. From finances to hiring to the right holiday inventory expansion, a business coach can truly be your beacon to success in even a most overwhelming few weeks of Christmas time. A business coach can really elevate your company to blow away all the rest by working with you to make decisions large or small. Don’t know exactly what a business coach is or if that’s something your business needs? Let’s start with the basics.

A business coach can sit down with you and assess your business, helping you to form a financially savvy blueprint to prepare for extra costs – and extra earnings – that occur during the holiday season. Knowing just how to use additional holiday profits and turn them into investments back into your business is key and a good coach is going to help you do this seamlessly. Even more specifically, what kind of investments back into your business will you need to make? Your coach can help you decipher if profit is best donned towards emergency savings in case of market crashes, or if it’s time to take that profit and expand your business.

But what about the finer details in your business wheel? The stuff that really makes your business run? While handling financials during Christmas time is an extremely integral part of fruition, you have to get there first. To do this, you need dependable employees, great customer care, organization for inventory, workspace, and beyond, and a solid web presence. An expert business coach will maneuver you through each and every one of these necessary facets of having a successful holiday season within your company.

Xmas MarketingFirst, your coach will help you to determine if you need to hire on extra, seasonal employees for the holidays. If you do, your business coach will walk step by step with you through the hiring process, be it interviews, specific paperwork, and even scheduling after-hire. If you don’t necessarily need extra seasonal employees, you might need to completely adjust your schedule for demand, which especially includes holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and even New Year’s. Your coach can help you create a fair and efficient work schedule for you and your employees.

On the same line as making sure your business is well staffed, you need to be sure that you are equipped with the tools to offer the utmost best service to your clients. While your staff should already be trained to treat your customers like royalty, a refresh on good customer service in the highest of holiday spirits could be beneficial, and again, your business coach can help you do this. Moreover, the holidays bring a time of major competition within businesses and you definitely want yours to stand out above the rest. To do this, your coach can help you come up with out of the box ways to gain more customers or retain existing ones. A small business coach will also be able to help you redefine your target audience, choose the right channel to reach them in big numbers and run effective marketing and advertising campaigns on a tight budget.

Web presence in this day and age is one of the building blocks of any business. It’s a way to reach clients and offer services all over the world, and without it, only a tiny portion of your business potential is mastered. But creating a web presence for your company can be daunting—and so much work that it sometime becomes a whole other business in itself. With a business coach, this doesn’t have to be an overwhelming ordeal that takes you away from all the other important aspects of being an entrepreneur. Your coach can help alleviate the long hours of research and setting up webpages and social media hub outlets. Furthermore, after the initial set-up is done, your coach can lead you through utilizing this web presence to exponentially increase your business’ growth and productivity. Plus, with holiday marketing campaigns such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’re hurting your business by not ensuring your web presence is where it needs to be. But even more, your coach can use your updated web presence to help you find new markets that perhaps you never even thought possible.

marketing-coachFinally, possibly the most important—and most of the time, overlooked—part of running a small business is proper organization. We are not just talking about shelving units and desk drawers here. Organization within your company also defines tools that you and your staff need to keep your business running to its optimum potential. Is all your software up to date and able to handle big, holiday orders? What about a revenue management or scheduling system? Software such as these help you organize the fine details of your business so tremendously that they can become key factors in your productivity. A business coach will help you to figure out just what organization tools you need and furthermore assist you in implementing them. Proper organization tools will take away that overwhelming feeling that comes during busy times of year such as the Christmas season, as all the resources you need to run your business are at your fingertips.

A business coach is a fountain of knowledge on all things entrepreneurial, and can be your guiding light through the world of small business. A business coach is there to help you know what you don’t know so that your business reaches its highest potential. The holiday season is a somewhat chaotic time for businesses, and while this can be a great blessing for profits, we mustn’t forget that being an entrepreneur is not the only important thing on your plate. Christmas time is the time for family and loved ones, or really just taking time out for yourself to celebrate your accomplishments throughout the year. Attempting to juggle everything on your own could very well harm your business rather than do good. With a business coach, you’ve got an expert in the field helping you down the path to posterity through the holidays and beyond and it will enable you to focus on keeping your business operational and profitable.

Using Vision Boards to Transform Your Business

Every business has a vision and goals to lead it towards prosperity. In order to follow and accomplish these goals and vision, strategic planning takes place.

There are several tools that can help you through this process. A vision board is one such tool.

Represented by a mixture of images and texts related to your goals and desires, vision boards remind you of your goals every day and give you the motivation to follow them. They are simple, easy and fun to make.

A vision board is simply about what you want now and in your future. Here are some benefits of creating a vision board:

• Visualizing and thinking about the goals for your business, then including images and motivational texts on a board enhances the likelihood of achieving them.

• When you see the board everyday highlight your dreams for your business and the goals you want to achieve, it automatically energizes you and motivates you to work harder.

• The visualization encourages you to think outside the box and assists you in opening up to new possibilities.

• It helps overcome obstacles that come your way, as the vision board serves as a reminder about what you will achieve after all these problems and obstacles are resolved.

• It keeps you focused on your goals.

Creating a vision tool is extremely easy and can be made with a vast range of media. From simple pencil sketches to colorful magazine cut images, from paintings to graphic art, anything and everything can be utilized to make a vision board. The most significant thing is to know what you want from your future. Some basic tools that can be used are as follows:

Board: A white board, blackboard, cork board, foam board, or a poster board can be used to make your vision board.

Adhesive: Whichever glue you can find to stick the images together on the board. You can also use removable adhesive so that you can keep updating your vision board without ruining any images.

Images: Pictures that represent your goals and dreams – opening a new branch of your business, designing a new office, more satisfied clients/customers, opening an international office. Print out from computers, your own sketches and drawings, magazine cutouts, stickers etc.

Text: Some words that can describe your vision and goals briefly or some motivational words to keep you going.

You: Yes! You are the most important part of a vision board. Use pictures of yourself, your name, or your business logo on your vision board to make it more personal.

Get all the supplies ready and while keeping your vision in mind, start playing around with images and words. Be as creative as you can be. Place it in your cabin, in a place where all the employees can see it. You can turn it into a group activity to keep your employees motivated and moving towards specified goals.

The process of using vision boards to transform your business is easy and enjoyable. Here is how it works:

1. Setting Goals
Having specific business goals are essential for this process. Think about how you want to see your business in the future. You can include short-term goals and long-term goals as well; generating better revenues, increasing job satisfaction for employees, opening an international office etc.

2. Visualizing
Visualize how your goals look like and how you’d like to feel when you reach them. Use images, symbols or words to represent your goal or maybe the journey to reach it. For better revenues, use a number to represent what your annual or monthly target will be. For opening an international office, place an image of the country’s flag you want to open your office in.

3. Believing
Start believing in yourself and your team. Once you actually ‘see’ you goal, it becomes clearer, realistic, and attainable. Believe that you and your employees can manage to reach these goals and fulfill the vision gradually.

4. Employee Motivation
Once you visualize your goals, involve your employees. Create a group activity for the employees to make their own vision boards. Or use your vision board to motivate them to achieve the specified target. Once you truly believe that the goals are attainable, your employees will start believing it too. This way, you will reach those goals faster.

5. Strategize
Start figuring out how each goal can be achieved. Keep your team in the loop. Discuss ideas and solutions for possible problems. Break the tasks into smaller steps to make it more achievable. Create a roadmap and start following it.

6. Move Towards Your Goals
Don’t just make a vision board and hang it somewhere, take action. You have made the preparations and now the time to act has come. Keep updating your vision board and make necessary changes in your strategy. Be prepared for obstacles and detours you might have to take. Don’t give up and keep your employees motivated.

Vision boards turn your dreams and goals from mere speculation, to something solid, which you can see. Actually more than 40% of the world population is sensitive to sight (visuals). The more specific and vivid the vision board, the better motivator it will be. Keep it somewhere where you and your employees can see it every day. It will keep everyone motivated as they will see their goals and get to know how they will feel once the goal is achieved. This improves the possibility of fulfilling those goals as everyone will be enthusiastically working to achieve them.

A Vision Board is a strong tool promoting behavioral change which, when combined with your hard work and support network, can make any goal achievable. The goal setting common phrase ‘see it, believe it, achieve it’ is represented through vision boards. From the initial process of visualizing, to the completion of the goal, vision boards ensure that you are kept reminded of what you really want. It shows why you have to be persistent and work harder.

The 10 Biggest Challenges Facing Small Businesses

There are many problems that are encountered by business owners throughout the course of managing their business. All entrepreneurs must be prepared for solving problems that come their way. However, creating a startup is not an easy task.

New entrepreneurs are usually not prepared for the problems coming their way. The first thing to do is to understand that problems are an everyday part of every business and then face each problem with determination and a proper solution.

Here are some common faced problems in new businesses and their solutions.

1. Money
Money is known to be one of the major causes of problems that can lead business to failure. For a new business, the biggest mistake is expecting instant profit. Young and eager entrepreneurs start up a business with little money, assuming they will earn big and then invest that money again in their business. It is significant to understand that you cannot get an instant profit at the start of your business. Experts advise not to expect much profit for at least two years. Always prepare for the worst case scenario. Before starting a business, ensure that you have enough money to sustain you at least up to two years. Start slowly and patiently.

2. Time
The phrase ‘time is money’ holds true, especially for a business. It is essential for new businesses to manage their time wisely. Planning everything in advance and ensuring everything is done on time is very important for the prosperity of any business. Ensure the schedule you are making is achievable and stick to it. Give yourself enough time to perform a task with accuracy. Plan your future projects. Make adjustments accordingly. Utilize calendars and planners to make sure you don’t miss an appointment or a deadline. Spending time effectively can actually save you money and even earn you more revenue.

3. Lack of Knowledge/Skills
This is one of the top most mistakes made by entrepreneurs. It is important that you have ample knowledge about the industry you are entering, your competitors, your target market, current trends, advertising and marketing techniques as well as financial know-how. You must possess the skills needed to start up a new business. If you are not prepared, educate yourself. Do proper research, ask other business owners, read relevant books and websites. You may end up with a huge loss if you start your business without having the required knowledge and skills.

4. Information Overload
The only thing constant is change! This phrase is true as well as change is continuous and we witness it happening all around us. Today, information keeps changing. New facts and data keeps emerging and replacing old beliefs and trends. Due to this information overload, it gets difficult to find effective solutions. It becomes a challenge for a new business to sort through this data and come up with good decisions. However, one easy solution is to look for the authenticity of the data. Check its references, and the writer. Learn to use keywords to narrow a research topic. Start asking successful businessmen about their experiences. Learn from them.

5. Lack of Direction and Planning
This problem prevails because of not creating a thorough and detailed business plan. Many young entrepreneurs are so excited about setting up their very own business that they fail to prepare a proper business plan. It helps in focusing on the goal and mission of the business. It determines the financial situation of the business, the roadmap to follow, market research and analysis of the competition. A business plan is basically an investment to your business.

6. Working in the Business rather than Working on the Business
Usually entrepreneurs get so worked up with the paperwork, satisfying customers and doing all the necessary things in keeping the business running. They fail to fulfill some other equally crucial tasks. It is important that you take a day or even a few hours to analyze your business. Determine which area needs attention, do an inventory review, review cash flow of your business, review payrolls and employee benefits. It is also important to update your corporate minutes, your contracts and your agreements with stakeholders annually. Hold meetings with your managers and other employees to connect with them.

7. Innovation
Unfortunately, there are many new startup companies that stick to the age old book rules. They don’t try to create an innovative culture, even majority of the big businesses struggle with innovation. People get accustomed to the work culture and they don’t think outside the box. Businessmen and employees stay away from change and resist whatever changes that take place in the company. The best thing to do is to be open to innovation. When bringing a change, ensure that all your employees are prepared for it. Discuss it with them in a meeting, tell them how important it is to be innovative, make them understand how beneficial it will be.

8. Trying to Do It Alone
Coping with everything alone is also one of the most common mistake new business owners make. They believe that they can manage everything and don’t need any advice or help form anyone. Initially, they do seem to be successful in this strategy as the cost is low since they handle everything. However, as the work starts growing gradually, the workload takes a toll on the new entrepreneur. Mistakes start being made and the quality of work starts decreasing. You may even start losing customers soon. This is why this strategy is not successful in the long run. Hiring two to three employees is more beneficial for a start up business. It is better to pay a small amount to your workers than lose double the amount in the future.

9. Getting Clients
For a new business, it is difficult to attract prospects and retain customers. With a small marketing and advertising budget, new entrepreneurs are unable to reach out to a wider audience. Potential customers are usually hesitant to going for a new business. They prefer going for companies that have experience and a large customer following. However, the good news is big companies charge more. There are many clients and customers who are looking for companies that provide cheaper, but good quality service. Providing excellent service to them will ensure that they remain your customers and even recommend you to others.

10. Poor Marketing
Apart from a detailed business plan, a marketing plan is also important for any business. Once you have a clear idea about your target market and your competition, you can allocate a budget for advertising and promoting your business and decide which medium to advertise through. You can also decide your product pricing through target market analysis. Make sure you that your pricing can be easily afforded by your target market and that your advertising effectively reaches them.

How NLP Coaching Can Benefit You and Your Online Business

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is one of the most powerful tools to make a dramatic shift in someone’s life. You can use NLP to gain control over your emotions, state and behavior and also to increase your efficiency and motivate others to positivity. And what about your business? Does it get to enjoy some benefits as well? Yes, as far as your small business is concerned, NLP can help you in reaching out to your customers and formulating strategies that work.

Okay, so you are not sure if NLP coaching is a great idea or if it will work for you or not. No problem; if any of the following is true in your case, you know NLP is for you.
• You want to up your game and take your small business to the next level. But there is one major problem – you have no proper plan that can help you achieve this.
• You spend a lot of time with your business, but despite all your efforts, you just are not getting the results you want.
• You have no idea about what you want your business to achieve or how you can do it. As for the goals and mission, you are not very sure about them anymore.
• You have a (virtual) team, but their skills need to be honed in the right manner.

Before we get involved with the details, we will quickly look at ways in which NLP coaching can help you and your business.
• Taking your business a level or several levels up
• Increasing your profits
• Identifying, planning and achieving your business goals
• Improving your company’s vision and fine tuning it
• Enhancing your communication with both your (virtual) team and your customers
• Developing and leading your (virtual) team in a more effective manner
• Saving your time and costs
• Nurturing relationships with your clients

But wait, there is more:

For the high achievers:
• Set performance goals and metrics for yourself
• Practice your skills and polish them
• Remove all obstacles that spring up in your path

For the sales people
• Develop long term relationships with your clients through win-win situations, which are beneficial for them and your company
• Identify the needs of your customers and encourage them to do business with you. You will be able to do this through improved questioning techniques.
• Understand the relationship between time and your company, which helps you do more in less time
• Present your products such that they have a powerful impact on your customers, who are enticed to buy them
• Analyze the responses to your actions, become more flexible and cash on this to improve yourself continuously

For the managers
• Build strong relationships with your team so that they look up to you and perform like you want them to
• Define your objectives clearly and formulate plans to achieve them. Fine tune the strategies so that your success rate climbs higher
• Reduce the resistance of your team and make it more flexible to all the changes that are implemented
• Motivate your team so that they are more productive and perform better
• Manage all meetings effectively while ensuring that no conflicts arise
• Use one-to-one sessions with your team for training them, mentoring them and giving them a review of their performance.

nlp coaching

All NLP coaching programs are based on a basic principle. All of us have the potential as well the resources to achieve everything that we want to. The problem is that people do not realize this and even if they know they have the capabilities, they fail to use them in the right manner. Naturally, the results are not what you will want. If your go through our NLP coaching program, you will be able to recognize all your resources and strengths and use them effectively and take your business where you want it to be. So how does NLP achieve all of this? It uses global models such as the Wheel of Life, GROW model, the Circle of Excellence and the Resolution Strategy to help you in changing your behavior and understand yourself and your business in a better way. All along, you learn to identify your goals and you also realize the steps and strategies that can help you achieve them. It is a very complete plan that starts from formulation and goes right up to measuring your progress.

And you need to know that the best part of NLP coaching is that it can help you achieve what you want to without confiding the exact details to your coach. With the things that you do share with them, you can completely trust them with it and they will guide you accordingly.

So what is the end result?
• You perform to your maximum potential. But how? By progressing through a structured framework that will let you develop yourself
• You learn to identify your goals. Achieving them becomes easier when you create milestones and break them down into small, achievable steps
• You stay focused and your motivation levels remain high
• Your company will progress and your business will grow