5 Ways to Find Your Life Purpose and Manifest Your Potential

Find out what You Were Meant to Do
Have you ever taken a break between your busy schedule to think about that one burning question that seems to always be sitting at the back of your head? Have you ever let your mind wander as you nod off on the subway waiting for your stop and wondered what you were really meant to do with your life?

Surely you weren’t born with the sole purpose of making accounts or flipping burgers? Our hearts and minds are so fogged with notions of what we are supposed to do for money that most of us never even bother to find out what would give us inner happiness. If you can find your inner calling and start working towards it, nothing can stop you from success. As Charles Bukowski said, “Find what you love and let it kill you.”

Mr. Bukowski was onto something special here but leaves a gaping hole in the beginning. The problem lies in the very first word; ‘Find’. Finding your life purpose is not as easy as he makes it seem but he does hit the nail on the head. You are the only one who can find your purpose in life. There’s a popular misconception that your life purpose will reveal itself on its own through your likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, the process isn’t as simple as that. If you refuse to take initiative and set out to find what you were meant to do, you may never find it. Luckily, the search does have some indicators that might give you a head start.

Personality Tests (MBTI & Strengths Finder)
The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Personality Test is one of the most popular and effective personality tests available. It measures the manner in which people make decisions based on their perceptions of the world. It defines 16 personality types based on a series of questions allowing you to understand the core defining features of your personality.

The Strengths Finder on the other hand asks you a series of questions in order to understand which strengths out of 34 are the most prevalent in your personality. The MBTI along with the Strengths Finder will provide you with insight about why you behave in certain ways and where improvement is required in order to succeed. Once you know what features of your personality are stronger you can allow them to take a more active role in your life.

If you feel you’ve been stuck at a point in your life and don’t seem to be moving forward then hypnotherapy is a great way of finding out why. Hypnotherapy allows you to dig deep and come face to face with questions that you need to ask yourself. Find out why you are a part of this world and how you are meant to contribute to it. Hypnosis allows your mind to remove all the barriers that typically hold you back from pursuing your dreams. It brings you in tune with your inner desires tapping into the tools that are inherent in your personality to help you achieve your goals. Hypnotherapy puts you in a relaxed state where it becomes possible to communicate with the subconscious mind. Two of the most popular hypnotherapy techniques to find more about your life purpose and lessons are Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives.

Numerology is the study of the symbolism contained within numbers. The study of numerology is used in order to determine the personality, talents, strengths, obstacles, and inner needs of a person. Numerology has been around for 10,000 years originating in Egypt and Babylonia. It is believed that everything in the Universe resonates to its own frequency. By finding the frequency of an object, you can find the qualities and energies associated with it.

To find your life purpose through the use of numerology you will have to evaluate the numbers of your birth date and your name. A conjunction of the two will provide an insight into your character that will help determine which traits are more prevalent in your personality. It will tell you whether you are a natural born leader, a creative soul, a peacemaker, a builder, or something else.

Carol Tuttle’s Energy Profiles
There are four elements in the world that govern everything in it; Earth, Fire, Water and Air. These same core elements dictate the personalities that we have. Once we’ve identified who we truly are, only then can we move forward with the path that leads towards our life purpose.

Air or Nitrogen represents the bright and animated person who dwells in new possibilities and ideas. Oxygen or Water stands for the soft and subtle person who is organized, detailed, and makes plans. Hydrogen symbolized by fire stands for the rich and dynamic person who moves into action immediately and tackles sudden situations with practicality with long standing results. Lastly, Carbon or Earth stands for the bold and striking individual who has an eye for structure, finding the problems in it and correcting them. The Carbon individual looks at the world through a critical eye.

Your personality type can help determine where your skills and expertise lie. They will allow you to identify your best qualities so you can work on them further.

You can also set your eyes on the stars in order to find out how your life on the ground will turn out. The journey of the soul moves in cycles and you can see where you stand in your journey by taking a look at the sun and moon. Your astrology chart is similar to a map which tells you where you need to go to achieve personal growth. It can help you understand your inner passions and motivations on a deeper level. It can tell you what obstacles may stand in your way and what steps you must take in order to overcome them. Each celestial body is sending a different message towards you. This is why it’s important to try and understand their language and know what secrets they’re telling you.

The sun tells you how to maintain energy while the moon tells you about what makes you happy. The ascendant reveals what personal style will provide you with the most confidence. Venus tells you how you’ll fare in love, and Mars tells you where you need a little more courage.

Finding your life purpose should be your top priority. Living a life without purpose isn’t really living it at all. In order to know what it is you need to do in the future you must assess who you are today and understand not only your role in the real world but also the inner workings of your soul.