Tactics for an Effective Video Content Marketing Strategy

So you want to cash onto video marketing to promote your brand? Great idea, video marketing is a strategy that has not seen a lot of years in the marketing industry, but is still producing amazing results. Why is that so? Because video marketing is very appealing and can really grab your audience’s attention. It does not matter whether your video is of six seconds or six minutes, you will still be able to reach out to your target audience, and even compel them to do business with you.

Sounds good, right? But there is one thing that you need to know. Video marketing is effective only when you go about it the right way. Know what is involved? Quite a lot, and you will have to make sure you nail each of it just right.

Here are some of tips that will help you increase the effectiveness of your video marketing.

A story is what you need to tell
Do you like hearing stories? There is not one person I know who does not. But the story has to be interesting and not boring. Maybe you can talk about how your brand grew or maybe you can tell your audience the experiences of your clients and the success they enjoyed when they used your products or services. As far as the theme is concerned, the story can be about anything, it must be strong enough to inspire and empower your audience.

But that is not enough
A story is not the only thing that is important for a video. Your video must share a valuable story with the client. A tip, maybe some humor or anything that will increase their knowledge or enlighten them. Just like all of your other content, your videos must also offer value to your targeted audience.

Focus on those who need you
Do you know who your targeted audience is? Great, focus on them only and come up with strategies that will impress them. You cannot go and touch everyone out there. It is only your targeted audience that will show an interest and be willing to do business with you. Concentrate on them only and leave the rest.

Did you decide on a type?
Videos are of several types and you need to decide which one of these will be the most suitable for your business and targeted audience. You can either demonstrate your product usage or give a quick description of how your clients have benefited from them. If you want, you can even introduce your company and your team. Highlight their capabilities and monition all your strengths.

The first few seconds are the most important
Studies claim that you only have about eight seconds to grab the attention of your audience. Should you not do so this in this much time, they will lose interest and might not even bother seeing the whole of your video. Yes, that will spoil the purpose. Start your video in a manner which will instantly entice your audience. You can do this if you mention the main point initially, and then devote the rest of your video to describing it.

Come up with a powerful call to action
Any video can be great and provide you with results. But if you want them to be incredible, you need a really good call to action. Entice your clients and compel them to choose you. You can ask them to go through your website or subscribe to your newsletter. If your video content is good enough, the clients will take heed on your call to action. All along, be sure to tap into the emotional side of your target audience, and keep them enticed throughout the length of the video.

SEO just cannot be ignored
Whenever you market online, you have to pay attention to SEO. Same is the case with video marketing, you have to optimize it with your keywords so that it can increase you website rank. But how do you do this? Just like you target keywords in all your other content, you should target them in the title and description of your video. This will make it easier for your search engines to index it. You can even give your video a relevant name, and search engines will be able to pick it up. You should also include a URL towards the end of the video, so that you enjoy a better exposure.

YouTube is not the only website that allows video submission
Once you are done with creating a video, you can upload it on YouTube, but that is not the only website for this purpose. Try your luck with Vimeo and DailyMotion and it will help you get more traffic. You can even embed the video on your company’s website.

Add a transcript if you can
If you are uploading your video on YouTube, you can even upload a transcript with it. Draft a word file that is based on the content of your video. Needless to say, you will have to optimize this for keywords as well so that it serves your purpose.

And do not forget to promote your video
Creating an effective video is not enough for your business to grow. You have to promote the video as well. How can you do this? Share it on all social media websites and upload it on your company’s blog. Got an email list? Send them a URL as well. Chose any method that you like, but you need to get the word out, and promote your video.

So did you like what I suggested? Try it out, and you will get the results you want. As you act on my advice, you will watch your conversions rise and your sales increase. Ultimately, it will be your business that benefits and grows.