9 Social Media Personality Types: Which One Are You?

Social media has become part of our daily lives and there seems to be a hole somewhere inside us on days when we forget to check or update our Facebook and Twitter accounts. As social media seems to become a bigger and bigger monster day by day, it’s interesting to note the manner in which people interact with it.

Just as we are all different in real life and have different roles to play, a similar effect takes place in social media. Social media has been around for quite a while now and a lot of us have evolved over the years in terms of interactivity. Consciously or subconsciously, all of us have fallen into certain roles. Knowing the social media personality of a person is very important as it allows us to better know how to interact with each type.

The Sponge
These are the most exciting people out there. They find the most interesting content out there and take it in like a sponge. This means that they always have something worthwhile to share with the world. Highly active in the social world, they are responsible and dependable folk. They usually have a complete profile and will have joined the maximum number of groups possible. They’ve definitely left no stone unturned as the progress on their social journey.

Social Luddites
They are the ones who live on the opposite side of the spectrum from the sponges. They are highly reluctant to engage in social media and are uninterested in the ups and downs of the tech world. Their profiles are often incomplete; in fact they may not even have a profile picture. While these personalities may be true to their internal value systems and may be good at finding solutions to problems, their social media pages take a secondary position in their lives and is often seen gathering dust.

Although they may have similar characteristics, these people are a little different from the sponge. While the sponge may not be very outgoing in the real world, the all-rounder seems to have struck that perfect balance which allows them to be popular and outgoing in the real and the social world. They are always part of the most fascinating social conversations and tend to contribute to them in a meaningful way. These people are great to interact with online or offline.

These can be extremely hard to detect. Sometimes they may seem to be the most exciting people on social media yet at other times; they are projecting their inner negative Nancy. Their social media presence seems to be all over the place and it becomes hard for you to understand where they’re coming from. This is because these opinions don’t really belong to them. Since they borrow from other personalities, they seem to have snowballed into something undecipherable. Additionally, when forced into conversation, they don’t really seem to have any opinions of their own. They’re rather more comfortable with latching themselves onto someone with a stronger opinion and agreeing with everything they say. The chameleon will also never start any conversations on their own. When faced with a chameleon its best to stay out of their way. While it may be fun to have someone who agrees with you in the initial stages, the relationship will soon start feeling like a drag.

The Preacher
The preacher seems to be everywhere. No matter how many times you try to avoid them, they seem to be right there, trying to give you unwarranted advice. This social media personality type actually has the highest level of activity and just can’t seem to stop tweeting, messaging, or blogging. This is because they think their opinions to be off value and need the world to know what they think about everything. These must be avoided at all costs. Preachers don’t contribute anything worthwhile to a conversation and claim to be experts at things they may not have working knowledge of.

The Negative Nancy
Everything sucks in their world and they want you to know it along with the 400 other people in their list. They can take anything good and regurgitate it with their negative opinions attached. They are hypercritical individuals who can’t really be avoided.

The Over-Sharer
You may not have met them in three years but you know all there is to know about their life. The over sharer has a chronic sharing problem where they just need to let the world know just how exciting their life is. You know what they had for breakfast, dinner, and lunch and fear that they may begin posting about their bowel movements soon.

The Lazy
At this point, you don’t even remember that you ever added them to your list. The lazies however are definitely there, silently lurking in the back alleys. They just can’t seem to find the time for social media. You’ll see them sometimes, in flurried activities which are accentuated by long absences. You don’t have to worry about these personalities. They will come and go as they choose.

The Superstar
These are the ones who seem to be winning this social media game. Up to date with the goings on in the world, they’re always there to bring you important news. Everything exciting seems to be happening to them. All you can do is wistfully look at the new pictures of their baby or the exotic vacation they took. They’re not spammers either. They engage in meaningful conversations, share thought out opinions and speak their own mind. Similar to the lazies, they march to their own beat.

Understanding social media personalities is not only interesting but also insightful. Once you understand the people you are interacting with, you will have the tools to communicate with them in their own preferred way. Alternatively, you may find that you fall into one of these categories. It is however a little difficult to label anyone. You may find that you have a lot of shared characteristics with multiple personalities. One thing that you need to understand however is this – your social media presence should always be meaningful!