5 Social Media Myths That Need To Be Busted

Want to build your business and let your brand grow? You just have heard from so many people out there that social media is the key to achieving this. Indeed, there is no doubt about it that social media is a great tool that will provide a very strong base to your marketing campaign. Use it right and you will reap in the rewards.

There is just so much that social media can help you achieve. An increased online visibility, a better brand image, a higher rank on Google, more web traffic, greater conversions, an increase in sales, a shoot in profits and a business growth. Yes, I know that you will not want to miss on any of this. The good thing is that social media can help you in achieving all of this. Just one tool, master it and you will get where you want.

But there is one major problem. Social media marketing is not without challenges and if you really want to cash on it, you will have to remove all obstacles that spring up in the way. There are ways with which you can do this. I will start by showing the challenges and then I will present you with solutions.

Social media appears so huge and dynamic… can you really tap into it in the right manner?
Without a doubt, social media is something that can scare any novice marketer, but you know what? Facebook alone has over a billion users across the globe, and reaching out to them is really important for your business. The point I am trying to make here is that however intimidating social media may seem to you, you must get over that feeling, and get over it real quick.

So how do you get rid of this feeling that you have? Step in slowly, take small things initially and then move onto bigger things. Start by using only one social media website. Once you gain followers on that one, you can focus on another social media platform and the next. Whichever platform you start with, make sure it is suitable for your business needs. Generally, Pinterest is more for the female users and Twitter is a good option if you can maintain brevity. As for Facebook, that is very general and will suit almost every business out there.

Social media is so unpredictable… so is it really worth all the bother?
Indeed, a social media platform that is adored today may not always be everyone’s top choice. In the time to come, it might just get adjunct. Today, it is Facebook and Twitter and a few years back it was MySpace and hi5. Maybe tomorrow, visual platforms like Pinterest may take the top slot. After all, they are rapidly growing so this is not going to be a surprise. So how do you factor this situation into your marketing campaigns? What is the platform you choose stops being used a few years from now?

You can deal with this situation if you develop yourself into the social butterfly. Then it will not be about the platform anymore. Your users will still follow you and migrate to that platform. How do you do this? Quality and value is the key. Engage your customers, develop loyalty, retain them, and they will remain a part of your database even if today’s social media websites become history. And by the way, you can also set up a blog. It will make it easier for you to reach out to the masses should anything like this happen.

Social media does produce results… but what’s the use if they cannot be measured?
So you want to measure your progress with social media? Pretty good choice. Until you keep a track, you will never know how effective your campaigns are. Yes, I know you are putting in a lot of efforts, but you just cannot measure your return on investment or ROI for any social media strategy. Instead, you can focus on Key Performance Indicators or KPIs to monitor your progress. For instance, you can track the fans you have on each social media website, the rise in your sales ever since you have included social media into your campaigns,comments, shares, retweets or repins and so on.

The Challenges and opportunities of Social MediaSocial media is a platform that already has competition… will you be able to stand out?
Nearly all the companies have realized the value of social media marketing and are now utilizing it to the utmost. So is it worth stepping into all this competition? What if you fail to make your mark? Yes, I know this sounds scary. Since all other businesses have already delved into social media, it is time that you get into it as well.

Your business size does not matter. What matters is the fact is that you must build an online presence so that people know you are there in the industry and can serve them. As for the competition, separate yourself from them. Market your true strengths, highlight your benefits, and most of all, touch your audience’s emotional side. Respond to them, take their feedback and act on their suggestions.

Social media is so time consuming… how will you fit it into your schedule?
Apparently it may seem difficult to take out time for social media, but that is not so. At least not when you utilize the tools that are out there. There are so many choices and they offer such incredible features. You can track your progress, automate your campaigns and schedule your sharing.

The above challenges are something which every online marketer has had to face. Once you delve in, even you will have to face the very same issues. Learn to address them and use the right social media strategies that are powerful enough to produce results. Heed on to my advice and you will soon achieve all your goals. Good luck in developing your brand identity and acquiring leads and customers with social media.