How to Reprogram Your Mind to Get What You Want

The Power of the Mind
The most powerful tool mankind has ever developed is one we’re born with. While no doubt the first thing that comes to the mind of many is our hands, or even more specifically our opposable thumbs, these are tools that are useless to us without the one that sets us apart from every other creature on the planet. That tool is the MIND. Within the mind lay the foundation of every amazing achievement ever reached by our species in its time on this world. Whether we’re discussing the discovery of fire that truly set society and technology in motion, the study of the passing of the seasons and the area of agriculture that helped found civilization, or the great technological marvels that have let us see into the vastness of the Universe, and the microscopic hidden secrets of cells, all of this is due to the amazing versatility of the human mind.

What Lies Within
From the moment we are born, it is within this amazing organ that all of your potential is housed, and common spiritual wisdom says that your pituitary gland is the “seat of your soul”. Long before the existence of this gland was known, the powerful white light of the Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra represented by the thousand petaled lotus, was said to be located here. This was believed to be the “source of all wisdom”, and is the point at which the soul leaves the body when we pass from this Earth.

What we can take from this is that the power of the human mind has been recognized as the driving force behind everything that makes us exceptional. In recent years there has been a growing and intensive interest in just what kind of strengths truly lie within (our know your life purpose), and what power the human mind has to envision and make manifest our desires, hopes, and dreams (live by the Universal Laws).

The Levels of the Mind
Frequently we hear people talk about the conscious and subconscious (or unconscious) minds, and how much of what we actually think and feel is often hidden within the murky waters therein. It’s well known that what we consciously bring into our lives in both thought and deed can have a profound effect on our ability to heal, our happiness, and even our success in our lives (as per the Law of Attraction). Less commonly spoken of is the superconscious mind, an aspect which we will talk about after having clarified the power held within the other two levels.

The Three Minds

Conscious – The active analytical portion of our mind, our active awareness
Sub-Conscious – The home of instinct and storehouse of experience
Super-Conscious – Our Greater Awareness

Our Conscious Mind at Work
This is the part of our mind that, with the material brain, takes in and analyzes the data we receive through our ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and touch, and that which facilitates all physical movement and activity. It is here that our understanding and beliefs about the world are formed, and it is here alone that we have the power to shake our rigid paradigm and turn it around. From there it can be fed down into the subconscious to help fundamentally alter how we view the world.

As we mature and learn, the conscious mind not only helps us stay on the straight and narrow, but actively helps us determine what our manifestation of the straight and narrow is. No two people have the same perception of the same event, nor do they share the exact same moral standards or beliefs about what is truly, fundamentally, right or wrong. This is due to their individual experiences and ability to analyze and draw their own conclusions from the experiences before them.

This is what makes the conscious mind such a powerful tool in learning to become aware of our thoughts. Here is where we decide actively what kind of person we want to be, what is important to us, what our values are, and establish our belief about whether or not we can achieve those things. If you consciously decide that you are incapable of achieving something, your mind will feed this down into your subconscious, and from there it will manifest into your reality (as per the Law of Attraction). Thankfully we have control over this spiritual muscle, and can help prevent thoughts and beliefs like these from ever penetrating into our subconscious.

Our Sub-Conscious Mind
Let it first be said that there is a separation between the physical brain, and the spiritual mind, and the brain is merely the vehicle which the spiritual mind acts through. The subconscious mind is the storehouse of all of our lives experiences, and it is from this place that all new experiences are interpreted. The danger inherent to letting the subconscious mind run unabated, is that what it interprets a new situation as is not necessarily what is actually true. Many people have their lives deeply affected, and potentially positive experiences turned sour, by previous experiences and instinct overpowering their sense or knowledge of what is truly going on in the present.

On far more than a psychological level, the subconscious perception of reality can in fact become manifested reality. Our subconscious mind, unlike our conscious mind, never truly rests. Instead it works day in and day out, absorbing and processing information and creating energies that are sent out into the Universe to affect our lives in ways both subtle and direct. When you consider the things we dwell on in our subconscious, the kinds of old patterns and tapes that can get stuck on a replaying loop and manifest into reality, you can see how learning to control this powerful aspect of our mind is vital to a truly happy life.

To help take control of our subconscious mind, it is important to learn and control what kind of information comes into your life, and allow only that that will enhance and drive your life forward to what you hope to achieve come in. If what you’re experiencing in your life right now does not fit what you hoped your life would be, it’s time to start bringing in new information to your subconscious, and start altering your reality from it’s very basis.

The Super-Conscious, Our Greater Awareness
So we’ve discussed the active conscious mind with it’s analytical nature and ability to shape the foundations of our sub-conscious, and the sub-conscious mind that can take the energies of our beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world and bring them into reality, so what’s left? What is the Super-Conscious?

The Super-Conscious is a limitless part of our nature, that part which is capable of bringing anything into existence, and puts us into touch with the universe of the whole. Our priests would tell you that the super-consciousness is God, or Buddha, or simply our ‘higher power’, while Science would call it the ‘Unified Field’. What is truly within the super-conscious is our infinite capacity to achieve anything, the absolute realms of possibility all combined. It is everywhere, in everything, and stretches out into the infinite reaches of space, time, and beyond.

It is important to understand that the nature of the super-consciousness means that it contains the potential for absolutely anything we can imagine, regardless of what conventional reality tells us is so. Every conceivable state of being, from the deepest despair to the greatest spiritual exaltation is held within this vast and limitless area of our mind. What you choose to experience within this area is entirely up to you.

What a tragedy then that so few people truly understand how to utilize and turn this aspect of their consciousness to living the lives they believe they deserve? While many of us dream within this realm, fantasizing about the life we could have, so few of us take those dreams and push them forward into a cognizant reality. By learning to take this part of our mind actively in hand, we can take anything we dream of and craft it into a tangible reality.

The Three Working Together Unlocks Limitless Potential!

There is nothing more important than living a happy and fulfilled life, after all, that’s what we’re here for, isn’t it? There is nothing to be gained by going through our lives without achieving our full potential, to be everything we have dreamed of being. By learning to master these three spiritual levels of mind, you can have, be and do anything you set your minds to!