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    Hi, I’m Gabriela! I help heart-centered businesses shine their light and connect to their soul’s purpose by balancing their body, mind, and spirit with my revolutionary Journey to Freedom 3-step program: Crystalize, Optimize and Systemize. My passion is to transform the quality of your life by teaching you tools to live a life of meaningful and engaging work by design and not by default. You are here to make a life, not just a living!

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What my clients say about working with me

What I appreciated the most was Gabriela's approach of helping me reach logical conclusions through self-reflection as opposed to having a pre-set conclusion that I was being driven towards. As a coach, Gabriela is always results oriented and has a personal approach to every situation.

Julia, Marketing Manager
Herve, Certified Yoga instructor

Gabriela really allows you to feel free and confident in yourself. She has so many tools to tackle every situation! She helped me by addressing the whole problem from a new angle and it completely changed my outlook. I immediately noticed improvements in everything that I did and my mindset shifted for the better.

John, President @cme Tours

Gabriela developed 2 superior documents to guide us through our app development: a comprehensive SWOT analysis and a thorough marketing plan. The app has received an international award for its innovation in heritage and cultural tourism. I highly recommend her as a marketing consultant.

During the coaching program I received a high standard of professional guidance and support by Gabriela. She helped me change my way of thinking and rely more on my inner-self. And as a result of my sessions with her, my relationship with my partner got better and my business extended rapidly.

Emiliya, Holistic Business Owner

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