My Top 10 Commercials: Some Are Funny and Some Are Inspiration

Advertising has become a part of everyday life. Whether it’s on TV, radio, print or online, it is impossible to go 10 minutes without watching, hearing or seeing an advert. Whether you’re into the funny, educational or the clever ones with subliminal messaging, there is an advert made for you. Some adverts hit the mark, while others fail right from the beginning.

Here are my top 10 commercials. Some are funny and some are inspirational.

10. Apple “stuffed”
These are built around two characters, Justin Long and PC, played by John Hodgmam. PC plays the character of a bumbling fool in these “get a Mac” ads. In a the stuffed suit, PC complains about trial software that is slowing him down.



9. Hamlet “photo booth”
This advert has won gold awards and was voted ad of the century at Cannes in 1997. We are all familiar with the fact that photo booths take the pictures when you least expect it. In this ad, Fisher’s character carefully styles his hair then proceeds to waste his 3 pictures. It ends when the chair breaks and a bald head is peeking up above the bottom of the TV screen.



8. FedEx
John Moschitta is an extraordinarily busy executive. He closes a deal while eating lunch, holds a board meeting and manages to hire a new employee without catching a breath. The slogan “In this fast paced world, get it done yesterday” is fitting. This ad made John Moschittas’ career and he went on to star in over 80 other ads.



7. M&M’S “Love Ballad” Commercial
Red sings “I’ll Do Anything for Love” to a girl that wants a bite of him. The idea behind the commercial is that M&M’s chocolate makes moments more fun and delicious.



6. ‘The Motherhood’ feat. Fiat 500L
This commercial features a cool mother and her three toddlers and in the background there is a Fiat 500L.



This is a very funny ad from Berlitz (one of the best language schools) that focuses on pronunciation and listening.



4. Validation
This is not a commercial, but a 16-minute film by Kurt Kuenne that won 17 awards. The short film offers “a fable about the magic of free parking” where a parking attendant provides his customers with free parking and compliments.



3. Queen Mimi
This is a short video made by Yaniv Rokah for a Kickstarter project to raise funds for a documentary about Mimi’s life. Mimi is a 88-year-old woman that has lived on the streets for 25 years. In spite of her life’s struggles, Mimi is a very happy and positive women. A great inspiration for all of us.



2. Evian Babies
Babies in nappies are performing skating stunts – it had 69 million Youtube views.



In “Baby & Me” it’s all about being connected with your inner baby, a sensation that creates “a feeling of freedom, of letting go, a spontaneous and communicative frenzy”  – it had 55 million YouTube views.



1. Dove Real Beauty Sketches
Dove’s commercial features a FBI-trained forensic sketch artist that explores how women view themselves in contrast to how others see them.