Holiday Revenue Boost: Make Your Small Business Sparkle This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a joyful, albeit busy time of year for small business owners. No matter what industry you’re in, this is a prime time to really aim to stand out above your competitors. But as a business owner, with everything else you have on your plate especially during the holidays, where do you find the extra hours to put towards good marketing, smart budgeting, and staying ahead of your competition?

The good news is that you don’t have to drown amidst trying to figure out how to navigate your business during the holiday season and beyond. Business coaches are a saving grace in times like these and can truly help you bring your business to the next level. From finances to hiring to the right holiday inventory expansion, a business coach can truly be your beacon to success in even a most overwhelming few weeks of Christmas time. A business coach can really elevate your company to blow away all the rest by working with you to make decisions large or small. Don’t know exactly what a business coach is or if that’s something your business needs? Let’s start with the basics.

A business coach can sit down with you and assess your business, helping you to form a financially savvy blueprint to prepare for extra costs – and extra earnings – that occur during the holiday season. Knowing just how to use additional holiday profits and turn them into investments back into your business is key and a good coach is going to help you do this seamlessly. Even more specifically, what kind of investments back into your business will you need to make? Your coach can help you decipher if profit is best donned towards emergency savings in case of market crashes, or if it’s time to take that profit and expand your business.

But what about the finer details in your business wheel? The stuff that really makes your business run? While handling financials during Christmas time is an extremely integral part of fruition, you have to get there first. To do this, you need dependable employees, great customer care, organization for inventory, workspace, and beyond, and a solid web presence. An expert business coach will maneuver you through each and every one of these necessary facets of having a successful holiday season within your company.

Xmas MarketingFirst, your coach will help you to determine if you need to hire on extra, seasonal employees for the holidays. If you do, your business coach will walk step by step with you through the hiring process, be it interviews, specific paperwork, and even scheduling after-hire. If you don’t necessarily need extra seasonal employees, you might need to completely adjust your schedule for demand, which especially includes holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and even New Year’s. Your coach can help you create a fair and efficient work schedule for you and your employees.

On the same line as making sure your business is well staffed, you need to be sure that you are equipped with the tools to offer the utmost best service to your clients. While your staff should already be trained to treat your customers like royalty, a refresh on good customer service in the highest of holiday spirits could be beneficial, and again, your business coach can help you do this. Moreover, the holidays bring a time of major competition within businesses and you definitely want yours to stand out above the rest. To do this, your coach can help you come up with out of the box ways to gain more customers or retain existing ones. A small business coach will also be able to help you redefine your target audience, choose the right channel to reach them in big numbers and run effective marketing and advertising campaigns on a tight budget.

Web presence in this day and age is one of the building blocks of any business. It’s a way to reach clients and offer services all over the world, and without it, only a tiny portion of your business potential is mastered. But creating a web presence for your company can be daunting—and so much work that it sometime becomes a whole other business in itself. With a business coach, this doesn’t have to be an overwhelming ordeal that takes you away from all the other important aspects of being an entrepreneur. Your coach can help alleviate the long hours of research and setting up webpages and social media hub outlets. Furthermore, after the initial set-up is done, your coach can lead you through utilizing this web presence to exponentially increase your business’ growth and productivity. Plus, with holiday marketing campaigns such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’re hurting your business by not ensuring your web presence is where it needs to be. But even more, your coach can use your updated web presence to help you find new markets that perhaps you never even thought possible.

marketing-coachFinally, possibly the most important—and most of the time, overlooked—part of running a small business is proper organization. We are not just talking about shelving units and desk drawers here. Organization within your company also defines tools that you and your staff need to keep your business running to its optimum potential. Is all your software up to date and able to handle big, holiday orders? What about a revenue management or scheduling system? Software such as these help you organize the fine details of your business so tremendously that they can become key factors in your productivity. A business coach will help you to figure out just what organization tools you need and furthermore assist you in implementing them. Proper organization tools will take away that overwhelming feeling that comes during busy times of year such as the Christmas season, as all the resources you need to run your business are at your fingertips.

A business coach is a fountain of knowledge on all things entrepreneurial, and can be your guiding light through the world of small business. A business coach is there to help you know what you don’t know so that your business reaches its highest potential. The holiday season is a somewhat chaotic time for businesses, and while this can be a great blessing for profits, we mustn’t forget that being an entrepreneur is not the only important thing on your plate. Christmas time is the time for family and loved ones, or really just taking time out for yourself to celebrate your accomplishments throughout the year. Attempting to juggle everything on your own could very well harm your business rather than do good. With a business coach, you’ve got an expert in the field helping you down the path to posterity through the holidays and beyond and it will enable you to focus on keeping your business operational and profitable.