How to Generate Business Leads with Social Media

Keep reading to know the basics of lead generation and discover valuable tips for improving it on social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Reddit.

What Is a Lead?
In marketing, any potential customer that is interested in your business and products is considered a lead. Leads for sales are not only obtained through direct marketing; even indirect forms of advertising and business promotions can be used to increase your contact list of existing and potential clients.

What Is Lead Generation?
As mentioned above, leads are not solely created by paid advertising, as social media today has become a great source of lead generation. With the use of interesting content, businesses are able to get a higher fan following and are able to find more interested customers for their products or services. Thus, lead generation includes the numerous methods used by companies to increase their customers’ interest in their products, which eventually helps the business in obtaining the clients’ contact information so that they can be kept informed about all future products, sales, and promotions.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Reddit are seven of the most used social media sites on the web. These websites can help you in improving lead generation if you follow the right methods. A few tips have been provided below related to each site to help you get started on the right track to increasing your list of potential clients.

How to Generate Leads with Facebook?
Nearly half of all Facebook users log in everyday and spend almost half an hour on the site. Thus, if you do it right, you can generate a large amount of leads for your website with the help of Facebook. Here’s how:

• Post content on your site with Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons so that your site visitors can let you know about the content they enjoy reading and can share your site’s content with their friends.

• Create a ‘Form’ tab on your business’s Facebook page rather than asking your interested fans to go to your website. In this way, you will be able to get their contact information directly through Facebook rather than waiting for them to visit your website.

• Create a paid ad on Facebook. The ad campaign is cost effective with a pay per click policy and if you add a link to it that can take users to your contact information form, you will be able to get their details in a quicker and more effective manner. Facebook ads also allow you to specify your target market so that you can display your ad to the right people.

How to Generate Leads with Twitter?
Twitter is a social platform where countless users chat and tweet in real time, making the site a powerful tool for generating leads for your business. Here’s how:

• Create a landing page on your website that is specifically dedicated to your Twitter fans. They should be able to provide you with their name and email in return for a training video, a webinar, or other informational content.

• Always remember to offer a promotion that will hold worth in the eyes of your existing and potential clients, because they will only provide you with their contact details for an item that they truly need or want.

• Take an interest in your customers and engage them in conversations via the Twitter chat feature. Hold entertaining and engaging discussions that will compel users to participate in them. Clients appreciate businesses that take a genuine and keen interest in their buyers.

How to Generate Leads with Pinterest?
The rapidly growing virtual pin-boarding site, Pinterest, can be a great way to generate leads for your business. Here’s how:

• Use relevant and informative content with eye-catching images. If your company has produced an eBook or a whitepaper, use its front cover to pin it to your board. Make sure to link it to a Call-To-Action (CTA) and a landing page.

• Add hashtags to your pins so that they can easily appear in search results. Use the same hashtags that you are using for Google+ and Twitter to be able to synchronize all of your marketing strategies together.

• Evaluate the results of your created pin-board with the use of analytical tools. Discover which images generate better leads and pin similar content to improve lead generation.

How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is a social network that caters to professionals and businesses alike. Most companies have a presence on LinkedIn but are unaware of its lead generating methods. Want to generate leads via LinkedIn? Here’s how:

• Build a company profile page where you can inform your customers and other businesses about your company and its products and services. Link your webpage and services in your profile statuses and other information.

• Use LinkedIn groups to your advantage. Join groups related to your industry and create new ones to connect with new people and generate leads to your business.

• Set up a LinkedIn schedule and visit the social site on a daily basis. Respond to discussions in groups or start a new one, update company status on the profile page and check to see who has viewed your profile. Make this a daily habit and you will see that being active on LinkedIn has paid off by providing you with additional leads.

How to Generate Leads with YouTube?
YouTube allows you to share videos related to your business. Users of the site will then be able to view your posted file and with the right CTAs and links, you can even generate links for your business. Here’s how:

• Create videos that are of high quality, especially if you cater to other businesses. Professional looking videos give credibility to your company and attract more people towards your products.

• Remain active on the site and upload videos on a regular basis. It will help in generating better leads for your company.

• Use catchy titles for your videos and do not forget to add a link to your business website in the description. This is how lead generation will take place, so make sure that you are directing the viewers of the video towards a contact information form on your site. You can also add effective CTAs to compel the users to click your link.

How to Generate Leads with Google+?
Google+ is rapidly climbing the ladder as a leading social media platform, so there are various ways to increase lead generation with the help of Google+. Here’s how:

• Target the correct audience according to the products and services offered by your company. You can use hashtags for this purpose to attract the right customers and make it easier for them to search for your business and its products.

• Use visually appealing content, this means that you need to post videos and images along with your text. Remember to add links in the description to generate leads to your site.

• The content you share should be unique and should be posted at regular intervals. Set up a schedule for posting on Google+ and find interesting material to add to your profile along with links that connect to your website.

How to Generate Leads with Reddit?
Reddit is a social site that can be used to share information and interesting content. As a means of simply sharing interesting articles, Reddit’s policy does not allow businesses to market their products in a direct manner. However, there are still a few ways to generate leads from this site. Here’s how:

• Join subreddits that are relevant to your business and its products. Interact with other users on these forums and create awareness for your company.

• Find and engage in discussions and conversations that are related to your particular industry to make people aware of your business and gain credibility by providing expert advice on matters concerning your business field.

• Create a Reddit sponsored ad campaign where you post facts related to your industry and get it sponsored by the site to have it displayed at the top of the home page.

To Sum It Up…
The above given tactics can be used to generate leads on various social websites to provide your business with a larger list of potential and existing clients. So get started on your lead generation strategies today and increase your customer base!