Chakras: Get to Know Your 7 Sacred Energy Centers

Many spiritual and cultural beliefs systems believe that energy flows through your spine to the seven chakra centers starting at the base of your spine and reaching up to the crown of your head. These chakras are our life-force energy, if they are blocked, the energy will slow down and manifest in negative ways. These blockages can affect our overall well-being, illness (body) disrupted thought process (mind) reactions based on emotion (emotion) and a disconnect from our spiritual path (spirit).

The 7 Chackras

To find balance and reach peak optimum health, you can work to unblock and open up your energy centers. First, we’ll start with your body’s foundation, the Root chakra.

THE ROOT/MULADHARA (I AM) – This chakra is your foundation where you get your grounding force and it’s located at the base of your spine. Its color is red, stimulating yet slow on the spectrum scale, a down to earth color while at the same time a color that represents passion, anger, and love. Its relation to the body is survival, sexuality, and security. The good/bad effects it has on one’s well-being are:

Body: adrenal glands that spark “flight or fight” survival mode, eating disorders, inflammations, low/high energy
Mind: focus, concentration, goal-setting, prioritize, pessimism
Spirit: love, passion, stubbornness, disconnect from self
Emotions: anger, excitement, anxiety, resentment, determination, love

If you’re feeling resentment, depression or fatigue, it may be your root chakra. To heal or unblock your root chakra, you can meditate, practice yoga, ground yourself in nature by taking a walk and eat red foods.

THE SACRAL/SWADHISTHANA (I FEEL) – This chakra is the color of strength and vitality and it’s located in the pelvic area. Its color is orange and its powerful energy is both physical and spiritual. Its relation to the body is the reproductive cycles. The good/bad effects to one’s well-being are:

Body: sexual dysfunction, reproductive disorders, lower back pain, menstrual issues, sensual pleasure, vitality, urinary issues
Mind: independence, creativity, poor/healthy boundaries
Spirit: manifestation, relationships, wisdom
Emotions: joy, obsessiveness, dependency, nurturing, excessive emotions, optimism

If you’re experiencing sacral blockage, it’s important to find ways to lift your mood. If you’re over committing yourself, take a step back and give yourself more free time to pursue the things you enjoy most. Eat orange foods, wear or buy something in this vibrant color and practice self-expression.

THE SOLAR PLEXUS/MANIPURA (I DO) – Its color is yellow, the location is at your solar plexus, just above your navel. This bright color says action and personal power; it also can try to outshine others. Its relation to the body is the digestive system and metabolism. The good/bad effects to one’s well-being are:

Body: digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, healthy eating habits, physical strength, healthy/unhealthy liver, pancreas, and gall bladder, diabetes, ulcers, colon diseases
Mind: mental courage, intellect, confusion, competitive, cynicism, reason, casting blame
Spirit: self-love, empowerment, egotistical, inability of learning from mistakes, fearlessness
Emotions: selfishness, confidence, sense of humor, temper-control, shame, guilt, kindness

If you’re feeling blocked in your solar plexus, your self-esteem may suffer, either by feeling inadequate or arrogant. You may also experience depression. To help you get back on track, you can set goals and take action to achieve them to regain your self-confidence back. To deflate your ego, try meditation and practice humility. Take a look at your diet and make healthy choices.

THE HEART/ ANAHATA (I LOVE) – This chakra is green or pink (we have a lower Heart Chakra, whose color is green, and a higher Heart Chakra, whose color is pink) and is located in the chest. Its energy is one of love, calmness and compassion for others. Its relation to the body is the immune system. The good/bad effects to one’s well-being are:

Body: strong/weak heart, back, neck, shoulder pain, lung issues, healthy/unhealthy immune system, strong muscles
Mind: social, critical, perfectionism, hope, hate, envy, jealousy, generosity
Spirit: forgiveness, letting go, trust, compassion, unconditional love, peace, altruistic, grief, loneliness
Emotions: love, empathetic, co-dependent, aloof, healthy relationships, narcissistic, critical

If you are suffering from a hearth break or grief of loss, use aroma therapy, lavender is said to soothe a heartache. Buy a rose quartz and place it where you will see it daily. Next forgive and let go. Eat your greens and incorporate green into your wardrobe. Nurture your other relationships, visit old friends and family, even just writing a letter or email will help you reconnect and balance your heart chakra.

THE THROAT/VISHUDDHI (I SPEAK) – This chakra is the color blue, pure and healing. It’s located in the throat. Its relation to the body is communication and expression, it’s important to speak honestly, and with kindness. The good/bad effects it has on one’s well-being are:

Body: a pleasant voice, hyper thyroid, dental health, hearing issues, body toxicity, neck pain or stiffness
Mind: clear communication, tone deaf, great listener, abstract thinking, personal expression, addiction
Spirit: faith, honesty, deep self connection, blocked creativity, deceit, self-responsibility
Emotions: peace, calmness, shy, gossiping, open, friendly, verbal abuse, yelling

Throat chakra blockage may manifest with physical ailments like a soar throat that followed verbal disagreement or if you’ve been dishonest, gossiping or holding back from speaking your inner-truth. To rebalance this chakra you can sing, read poetry aloud, do something creative like write, draw or expressive dance. Express your ideas openly. Drink herbal teas, wear blue or lapis jewelry.

THE THIRD EYE/BROW/AJNA (I SEE) – This chakra is the color of indigo and deep change. This wisdom chakra is said to be where your higher self-expresses itself. Its location is the center of the forehead and linked to the pineal gland. Its relation to the body is the brain, eyes and nose. The good/bad effects it has on one’s well-being are:

Body: headaches, good/bad vision, nasal infections, allergies, thyroid issues
Mind: good/poor memory, imagination, mental strength & agility, insensitive, hallucination
Spirit: deep wisdom & seeing, clairvoyance, cynic, lack of faith in spirituality, flighty
Emotions: nightmares, intuitive, peaceful, denial, obsessions, arrogance, perceptive

This may be the most common blocked chakra due to society’s view on The Mystic. Most of us are taught not to trust our intuition, but go with facts or what can be seen with the eye and proven on paper. We may have frequent headaches if this chakra is blocked. To open your third eye and unblock this chakra, do some visualization mediation and open your mind to undiscovered possibilities. Nurture your creative imagination and daydream like a child again. Eat dark chocolate, dark fruits and veggies, wear indigo.

THE CROWN/SAHASRARA (I UNDERSTAND) – This final chakra is violet or white, located at the top of the head. This spirit chakra is our connection to the spiritual realm and energy from the cosmos. Its relation to the body is the cerebral cortex and the skull. The good/bad effects it has on one’s well-being are:

Body: brain tumor, coma, sharp mind, headaches located at the top of one’s head, cognitive skills, excellent well-being, holistic health
Mind: greed, controlling, dominating, introspective, lack of purpose, self-awareness
Spirit: devotion, ethics, humanitarianism, divinity, inspirational outlook on life, magnetism, spiritual fragmentation, lack of understanding in deeper truths, connected to a higher spiritual plane
Emotions: psychosis, apathy, awareness, emotionally balanced, grounded

If we are disconnected from a spiritual level and only concerned with the material world, we need to reconnect and open up this chakra. It should also be said before opening this chakra, to work on the other six first, from the base chakra and up. If our lower chakras are blocked, we won’t be able to open up our crown. To unblock this chakra we can practice a prayer/meditation, make a gratitude list, be active in a cause that will help ease the pain and suffering of our fellow man. Think beyond the material world and open yourself up to higher spiritual path.