A Shift in Mass Consciousness Is Occurring: Understanding the Roles We Play

Humankind is in a state of crisis. With ecological, social, economic and political troubles hot on our heels, we seem to be spinning in circles. What humanity needs today is a complete transformation and a movement into an entirely new direction. As the corporate world grows stronger and materialism takes deeper roots in our personalities we find that a transformation is much easier said than done.

Stress, despair and catastrophe have become words we use daily and man-made calamities seem to be increasing the pressures that we have piled up in our lives. While the future looks increasingly bleak today we must realize that a mass shift in consciousness is already happening on a global scale and that we are all a part of it.

What is Consciousness?
In this world we are surrounded by an energetic force which is omnipresent. This force runs through all organisms, space, earth, the stars, universe and even thoughts and emotions. This field of consciousness is what allows us to connect with other things in this Universe. Scientists found that humans were able to influence photons in an organized manner and that these interactions are facilitated through the consciousness. In fact, it was also discovered that human emotions had the ability to affect consciousness and that positive feelings would help chromosomes to open up while negative thoughts would bind them.

How It Began
The shift in consciousness began in the 1960s and is still raging today.

Personal and Global Consciousness
Some believe that a massive shift in global consciousness can be brought about by a disaster or calamity which will compel people to think differently. The effectiveness of such a method is something that we wouldn’t want to find out. Luckily, there is a more effective method out there that can help us. In order to reach a mass consciousness we need to do it on our own.

As global connectivity increases, we need to take a hard look at what is going on in the world and take responsibility for our actions. A shift has already taken place as we see that exploitation and manipulation can no longer stay alive for long in the presence of the Internet. Websites such as wikileaks are forcing people to take a look at their actions and understand what the consequences of certain actions are.

A global conversation on the problems of the world has started and it will not cease until a solution has been reached. This is where our personal consciousness comes in. Every drop in the sea counts and you need to recognize the things that need to change.

How the Global Shift Is Affecting Us
We are moving to a higher state of consciousness and therefore to a higher vibration (some calls it “5D”). Our current limited state which has barricaded us will be shed off as we become more spiritually evolved and are freed from the problems of our current existence. As we become more enlightened, we will work against the current world where violence, strife, struggle, pain and chaos is prevalent. As we evolve along with elevated levels of vibration we will be challenged to let go of our current perceptions and limited being. This is easier said than done.

Humans are predisposed to hanging on to what they know and understand. Our instincts are much more comfortable with elements that are familiar to us which is why we are so hesitant to take on a new understanding. For many of us who are resistant to these changes, the transition may result in problems such as anxiety, depression, OCD ad ADHD. Not all effects of the transition however are negative. Some may become more compassionate, blissful, guided and have a deeper understanding of themselves and the word around them.

What We Can Do
The dramatic and massive reordering of the current world and our consciousness is bringing about changes that can greatly benefit us. If we embrace the changes that we undergo, we will ultimately reach a higher level of awareness of our inner selves. In order to bring about this increased awareness on a global scale, it is our duty to begin working on our own individual inner consciousness.

Make a Choice
We need to forego the current state of production, materialism, consumption and submission. We are currently at a crossroads on our lives where we must make the decision of staying in our current state or opening the gateway to our spiritual awakening. While one cannot say what the right or wrong decision is, it will determine where you stand as the evolution takes place.

Understand the Consequences of our Actions
We need to gain a higher understanding of the problems that we face on a global scale and how our actions may have led to those results. We not only need to understand the effect of the physical acts that we have done as an individual but all those that we have done as a human race. Understand that in light of all that has gone wrong we need to play our part in rectifying it.

Know Your Place in the Bigger Picture
As we begin to truly understand our place within the global transition, we will be better able to connect with the society as a whole. As the consciousness of individuals increases, a mass shift will take place and bring about a connectedness that will bring about enlightenment. This enlightenment is what will illuminate the way and give us the ability to change the way in which things work. The mass shift in global consciousness is taking place right now and will continue to do so for years to come. We, being a part of that energetic force, need to embrace it rather than resist it.

Neuromarketing: How to Talk and Sell to Your Customers’ Subsconsious Mind

Neuromarketing is the new buzz word that actually has merit. This is a marketing strategy that indirectly turns visitors into money spending consumers. Before likening this to subliminal messages used in the past, understand that neuromarketing is not about manipulating the mind to think of something else when viewing your website. Instead, it is a way to open up the 95% of the mind that is not being used and gently nudge it in the right direction. This is done with intuitive methods of marketing and taking them time to learn about your consumers and their goals.

Neuromarketing is a science, and one that has been used in retail stores for generations. Careful placement of goods on supermarket shelves for example, to be at the eye level of the targeted consumer. Research of the how and why these types of techniques are on-going, but there is one undeniable truth – in website design, implementing certain neuromarketing techniques will garner more conversions.

Techniques and Tactics
It takes a lot to pull the human mind away from its hundreds of other thoughts and get it to focus on your web page. It is now evident that you only get 10 seconds to do just that before the consumer is ready to move on. Neuromarketing grabs that attention quick before that person has time to make the mouse click away from your site.

It starts with you figuring out who your target consumer base is, and creating content that grab their attention and makes them want to know more. Neuromarketing means you are able to be as focused on your consumer as you want them to be on your product or service.

The Microscope Approach
When you view items under a microscope, you are able to see them in more detail. The field has been narrowed, allowing you to intensely focus your attention without any distraction. The market you target is under that microscope. Now that you have your target market, you can formulate the plan that makes them want to stick around and see what else you have to say.

Without any fuss immediately let a visitor know what your site is about. If you sell SEO content then that should be the focus of the landing page. What your content can do for a website and a call to action that inspires the conversion. What you do, and what that can do for them. Now that you have their undivided attention, you can add text that gives a more detailed explanation of the service, how it is beneficial, and for whom.

Using a Magnifying Glass
We all know how a magnifying glass is able to compact beams of light to be strong enough to light a fire. Neuromarketing works on the same principle. By focusing all of that energy onto the true target, a fire is lit and the conversion is made.

Over and over, studies into marketing techniques show that consumers buy what they can relate to. They want products that fit the image of who they think they are. With that magnifying glass, you can create the messages that will have the most impact on your target audience. A sharp reference to their identity without defining it, makes them stop, think and convert.

Tag lines and slogans are great methods of using this neuromarketing tactic. In fact, some of the most memorable tag lines and slogans in marketing history have used that identification technique. Nike’s “Just Do It” and Fortune’s “For the men in charge of change” lets the target know that this is the product for them, without telling them who they should be.

Peer through the Telescope
Once you have your target audience interested, neuromarketing takes a broader look at things to find out what their goal is. Consumers find services and products more valuable when they are able to use them to reach a goal. Go back to the consumer looking for great SEO content. What is his goal? Overall it is to gain more online visibility and therefore increase his revenue. You, as the website that is promising to increase his SEO will now need to first show him what his goals are and how you are able to help him achieve them. This type of neuromarketing requires a more intense look into the subconscious to find out what is driving it, and what you can do to control it into your direction. Liken it to looking at a night sky full of stars, and trying to piece the right ones together to form the Big Dipper.

Ask yourself what is their real motivation? Are the women shopping at online clothing stores really looking for the top trends, or do they want clothes that make them look great when they wear them. Find the true motivation behind your consumers and cater to that, and you will see a rise in the number of conversions you make daily.

Adding the Right Contrast to Your Slide Shows
There is no question that color can play with a person’s subconscious, but how do you make use of that on your website? First you have to have an understanding of color and the emotions they invoke. It is not about what colors get the most conversions, but which colors does your target audience relate to best.

For example, if you are selling high end watches or ladies purses, dark and black tones will draw in the consumer who has the money to spend on luxury items. Black is a power color that subconsciously brings images of wealth to the consumer’s subconscious.

Some colors may seem like no-brainers, pink for a feminine site for example. But, if you add bright splashes of yellow, you will grab the attention of consumers who are typical online window shoppers.
There is real science behind the color tactic for neuromarketing, science that has been tested and proven in a number of applications in addition to website design. When you think about the color blue are you warm or cold? The human subconscious automatically assigns emotions and feelings to colors without you knowing it.

Study your target consumer in relation to your site and then do the research to find out which colors you should be using. Tapping into the color subconscious of the consumer is one of the simplest methods to applying neuromarketing to your website.

Why Neuromarketing Works
When it comes down to it, a consumer does not always know what it is they want on the conscious level. You can take advantage of that with neuromarketing by digging into the subconscious. It is there where you find the real motivation for buying, and how you can convert that to your favor.

One you have pin-pointed that real goal every consumer has, and your product or service fulfills, you can use clever neuromarketing tactics that force consumers to achieve that goal on your site.

Practical Tips to Increase the Power of Your Mind

Science has accomplished much in studying the brain and what happens during a specific activity. By measuring this, it has led to breakthroughs in using your mind to its fullest capability by utilizing binaural beats.

Is this new? Not at all! Many cultures used this exact same process through sounds that were consistent and rhythmic in nature. The scientific discovery actually took place in 1839 by Dr. Heinrich Dove. Further work was done in 1973 at Mount Sinai hospital. Melinda Maxfield, PhD, did extensive research on drumbeats that were used in various rituals. She discovered that those rhythms generally were at a rate of 4.5 beats per second. When this is done constantly, it places the brain into one of the brainwave states known as Theta. The other states in order are Delta 0.5-4 Hz, Theta 4-8 Hz, Alpha 8-14 Hz, Beta 14-40 Hz and Gamma 40+ Hz.

Each of these have been studied and documented on what takes place in the brain but in the body as well and the applications for improvement of those activities can be reproduced through sounds that are designed for each activity. What if you were studying for a test and needed to be able to focus on the material? The Alpha state causes relaxation and focus and thus would be the best option for the task. You finished studying and need to get some sleep so you’re rested for class the next day. The Delta stage takes place during cellular regeneration and would give you optimum rest.

Another interesting development that has come about through this study into brain activity has revealed that people who have attention deficit disabilities (ADD/ADHD) have high levels of slow brain activity, usually the Theta and Alpha ranges. It explains why conventional treatment of stimulants produces a calming effect but if Neuro training along with Binaural beats are used instead, the patient isn’t dependent upon chemicals and has greater control over how they can manage their treatment. Theta waves obviously quite useful for healing and have been discovered during studies of periods of hypnosis, meditation and dreaming.

If you want to turbocharge your immune system for optimal healing and renewal of mind and body after physical activity and mental stress, consider the power of binaural beats technology. An added benefit to using binaural beats is that the added stimulation to the brain will lead to the creation of neural pathways which leads to dendrite growth. What’s that mean? It’s like an ‘upgrade’ to your brain to let it process neural communications faster. These pathways normally are created when you learn something new. The problem is if something isn’t continually practiced, those pathways can inactive, thus the saying, “use it or lose it.” Elder care research has also discovered that senility is connected to the loss of these dendrite paths. For people interested in Lucid Dreaming, the ability to know you’re dreaming and act in it (as in the movie Inception) Theta wave levels help you relax faster while retaining awareness of what’s going on.

If you’re looking for the most efficient level and range for using the power of your mind and practicing brain programming, you’ll want to look at the Alpha-Theta border which is found from around 7 Hz to 8 Hz. Beta is often associated with the state you’re in while awake. The challenge is that higher levels in the Beta range lead to stress and anxiety. You don’t know anyone with that problem do you? When you’re drifting, daydreaming or entering light meditation, you’re in the Alpha range. Jose Silva’s method is based in the Alpha range. When you’re in dreamless, deep sleep, you’re in a very slow energy range that allows extensive healing which is why people who don’t get much sleep, as in those in untreated Sleep Apnea, have the extensive health problems they do because they can’t reach the Delta range. The most recently discovered range has been in the fastest range, 40 Hz and above which is called Gamma. Studies so far have shown that this range influences upper level processing of information.

Because it is binaural, you will need headphones, or two earbuds etc. No multitasking allowed by half listening because you won’t enable the state you want to reach. The formula is simple; two slightly different frequencies are sent through the ears, the brain takes these and registers it as one tone. For example, if you sent a 210 Hz tone to the right ear and a 205 Hz tone to the left ear, your brain will hear one 5 Hz frequency. There are many free tracks for use and also beat generators. Using binaural beats unfiltered to some can be annoying; a common option is listening to natural sounds that you’ll focus on. The harmonic waves are still there but not in their purest form. Depending on what your goal is, listening to most binaural beats are best done while sleeping; alpha for a light nap or delta and theta for a full, complete rest.

History and science show that there is a pattern to our thoughts and harmony of our bodies and when we use the technology and awareness of brainwaves and techniques such as binaural beats, you can have the optimum mental and physical health you deserve.

How to Reprogram Your Mind to Get What You Want

The Power of the Mind
The most powerful tool mankind has ever developed is one we’re born with. While no doubt the first thing that comes to the mind of many is our hands, or even more specifically our opposable thumbs, these are tools that are useless to us without the one that sets us apart from every other creature on the planet. That tool is the MIND. Within the mind lay the foundation of every amazing achievement ever reached by our species in its time on this world. Whether we’re discussing the discovery of fire that truly set society and technology in motion, the study of the passing of the seasons and the area of agriculture that helped found civilization, or the great technological marvels that have let us see into the vastness of the Universe, and the microscopic hidden secrets of cells, all of this is due to the amazing versatility of the human mind.

What Lies Within
From the moment we are born, it is within this amazing organ that all of your potential is housed, and common spiritual wisdom says that your pituitary gland is the “seat of your soul”. Long before the existence of this gland was known, the powerful white light of the Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra represented by the thousand petaled lotus, was said to be located here. This was believed to be the “source of all wisdom”, and is the point at which the soul leaves the body when we pass from this Earth.

What we can take from this is that the power of the human mind has been recognized as the driving force behind everything that makes us exceptional. In recent years there has been a growing and intensive interest in just what kind of strengths truly lie within (our know your life purpose), and what power the human mind has to envision and make manifest our desires, hopes, and dreams (live by the Universal Laws).

The Levels of the Mind
Frequently we hear people talk about the conscious and subconscious (or unconscious) minds, and how much of what we actually think and feel is often hidden within the murky waters therein. It’s well known that what we consciously bring into our lives in both thought and deed can have a profound effect on our ability to heal, our happiness, and even our success in our lives (as per the Law of Attraction). Less commonly spoken of is the superconscious mind, an aspect which we will talk about after having clarified the power held within the other two levels.

The Three Minds

Conscious – The active analytical portion of our mind, our active awareness
Sub-Conscious – The home of instinct and storehouse of experience
Super-Conscious – Our Greater Awareness

Our Conscious Mind at Work
This is the part of our mind that, with the material brain, takes in and analyzes the data we receive through our ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and touch, and that which facilitates all physical movement and activity. It is here that our understanding and beliefs about the world are formed, and it is here alone that we have the power to shake our rigid paradigm and turn it around. From there it can be fed down into the subconscious to help fundamentally alter how we view the world.

As we mature and learn, the conscious mind not only helps us stay on the straight and narrow, but actively helps us determine what our manifestation of the straight and narrow is. No two people have the same perception of the same event, nor do they share the exact same moral standards or beliefs about what is truly, fundamentally, right or wrong. This is due to their individual experiences and ability to analyze and draw their own conclusions from the experiences before them.

This is what makes the conscious mind such a powerful tool in learning to become aware of our thoughts. Here is where we decide actively what kind of person we want to be, what is important to us, what our values are, and establish our belief about whether or not we can achieve those things. If you consciously decide that you are incapable of achieving something, your mind will feed this down into your subconscious, and from there it will manifest into your reality (as per the Law of Attraction). Thankfully we have control over this spiritual muscle, and can help prevent thoughts and beliefs like these from ever penetrating into our subconscious.

Our Sub-Conscious Mind
Let it first be said that there is a separation between the physical brain, and the spiritual mind, and the brain is merely the vehicle which the spiritual mind acts through. The subconscious mind is the storehouse of all of our lives experiences, and it is from this place that all new experiences are interpreted. The danger inherent to letting the subconscious mind run unabated, is that what it interprets a new situation as is not necessarily what is actually true. Many people have their lives deeply affected, and potentially positive experiences turned sour, by previous experiences and instinct overpowering their sense or knowledge of what is truly going on in the present.

On far more than a psychological level, the subconscious perception of reality can in fact become manifested reality. Our subconscious mind, unlike our conscious mind, never truly rests. Instead it works day in and day out, absorbing and processing information and creating energies that are sent out into the Universe to affect our lives in ways both subtle and direct. When you consider the things we dwell on in our subconscious, the kinds of old patterns and tapes that can get stuck on a replaying loop and manifest into reality, you can see how learning to control this powerful aspect of our mind is vital to a truly happy life.

To help take control of our subconscious mind, it is important to learn and control what kind of information comes into your life, and allow only that that will enhance and drive your life forward to what you hope to achieve come in. If what you’re experiencing in your life right now does not fit what you hoped your life would be, it’s time to start bringing in new information to your subconscious, and start altering your reality from it’s very basis.

The Super-Conscious, Our Greater Awareness
So we’ve discussed the active conscious mind with it’s analytical nature and ability to shape the foundations of our sub-conscious, and the sub-conscious mind that can take the energies of our beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world and bring them into reality, so what’s left? What is the Super-Conscious?

The Super-Conscious is a limitless part of our nature, that part which is capable of bringing anything into existence, and puts us into touch with the universe of the whole. Our priests would tell you that the super-consciousness is God, or Buddha, or simply our ‘higher power’, while Science would call it the ‘Unified Field’. What is truly within the super-conscious is our infinite capacity to achieve anything, the absolute realms of possibility all combined. It is everywhere, in everything, and stretches out into the infinite reaches of space, time, and beyond.

It is important to understand that the nature of the super-consciousness means that it contains the potential for absolutely anything we can imagine, regardless of what conventional reality tells us is so. Every conceivable state of being, from the deepest despair to the greatest spiritual exaltation is held within this vast and limitless area of our mind. What you choose to experience within this area is entirely up to you.

What a tragedy then that so few people truly understand how to utilize and turn this aspect of their consciousness to living the lives they believe they deserve? While many of us dream within this realm, fantasizing about the life we could have, so few of us take those dreams and push them forward into a cognizant reality. By learning to take this part of our mind actively in hand, we can take anything we dream of and craft it into a tangible reality.

The Three Working Together Unlocks Limitless Potential!

There is nothing more important than living a happy and fulfilled life, after all, that’s what we’re here for, isn’t it? There is nothing to be gained by going through our lives without achieving our full potential, to be everything we have dreamed of being. By learning to master these three spiritual levels of mind, you can have, be and do anything you set your minds to!

Mindset vs. Skillset: Which One Is More Important as a Small Business Owner

Being an entrepreneur can be extremely fulfilling. A small business owner, however, has his work cut out for him. It’s easy to become optimistic when we hear of start-ups brilliantly pop-ping up and taking the world by storm. One thing that we don’t hear about in the news is the number of start-ups that don’t make it.

Skillset vs. Mindset
There has been an ongoing debate between small business owners regarding the factors behind the success of a small business. When a small business starts out, its major resource is its owner and it is the owner that sets the direction for success or failure. In order to understand just what makes a small business tick, it is important to know what the entrepreneur can do for it. The debate between mindset and skill set rages on in the same vein as book smart and street-smart. I fact, the two concepts may be rather similar to one another.

What is a skillset?
Since the day we are born we are thrown into a series of situations that are going to help us develop skills. These skills will ultimately lead to one goal – success in the money making sphere. One must consider why the acquisition of skills is given so much importance in the world that we dedicate our entire lives to accumulating them from attending school, to high school, university and then trainings. We are constantly making efforts to collect skills that will give us that extra edge and the strong line in the CV. Skills can be defined as social, technical, and digital tools used by professionals to increase effectiveness in the workforce. As the world is constantly evolving and newer technologies emerge, the required skill sets to remain on top of the game are also constantly changing.

What is a “Mindset”?
This concept is very different from that of skill set. Unlike skills, a mindset cannot really be acquired while sitting in a classroom. Perhaps this is why we never really see any schools dedicated to improving the mindset of a person. Mindset refers to the lens through which we look at the world. The mindset refers to world view of an individual – it refers to the manner in which they perceive life and the attitude that they have towards it.

Mindset, Skillset and the Small Business Owner
What characteristics define a small business owner? When it comes to running a business, a small business owner should first and foremost know how to lead he business and its employees towards success. The logical answer to most questions is if you don’t know how to do something then you simply learn it. This difference is much more pronounced when it comes to sales. If you don’t have the skills to negotiate naturally can you really take a class to learn how?

While it is rather clear that a mindset is much more essential to a small business owner as compared to a skill set, it does not mean that the mindset is the stand alone solution to the problems of the small business owner.
Implementing a clear balance between the two is what leads businesses to success.

Imagine your skill sets as a tool box. Each skill you’ve acquired can be used in a particular situation the mindset however is the understanding of which tool can be best implemented in a situation. In fact, the mindset is something that can help you even if you don’t have the required tool in hand. The mindset is what helps you reach your goal by working with what you have.

Why Mindset Is so Important?
The fact that mindset is given so much importance in the real often comes as a shock to novice entrepreneurs. This is because they’ve been predisposed to giving importance to skill development their entire lives only to be told that it isn’t enough. You can be working doggedly and relentlessly but if you don’t have the belief and conviction to succeed, nothing’s going to happen. At this point you need to put on your leadership goggles and understand what is wrong with your perception.

The best entrepreneur and leader is one who thinks on a global scale and is a strategist. When you’re the spearhead of an organization, it’s your attitude towards it that determines the direction it will go in. If you perceive it in a negative manner believing that certain tasks can’t be done, then they won’t be.

In fact 80% of business problems are personal in disguise. Simply changing your attitude towards the business can help the business move forward. Think of it as the ripple effect. The leader and small business owner should be the one who cares most about the success of the business. When you fail to show a positive attitude towards it, this feeling will slowly trickle down the hierarchy and instill itself into every one’s mind.

Negative thoughts don’t only poison your own mind but also of those who are working with you. Negativity is highly contagious and letting it eat away at you business is something that you simply cannot afford.

Find the Perfect Balance between the Two
For people who love to live on extremes it is always a choice between skill set and mindset. What they don’t realize is that one cannot exist without the other. A small business where only one is implemented will starve because it isn’t receiving a healthy diet of its two staple foods.

Skillsets are required on entry. Once you have the ultimate resume in your hands, it’s time to put your mindset into action and implement those skills that you worked so hard to acquire.

Your mindset is something that you cannot acquire overnight. Changing your vision takes time and experience. In fact, it is quite often when we find ourselves facing a wall that we learn to turn around and change direction.