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Mobilize to Monetize

Starting with the iPhone in 2007, mobile marketing has transformed the way we market online

Smartphone and tablet users rely on their mobile devices to text, shop, check email, take photos and videos, find directions and travel advisories, scan codes, browse the web, watch television and movies, play games, and much more. They may even think that using a laptop or desktop computer to go online is old school. Many cell phone owners prefer texting to calling.

In Mobilize to Monetize, online marketing expert Gabriela Taylor teaches mobile marketing best practices and provides 12 ways to engage your mobile community so your marketing efforts accomplish your business goals. The topics covered include:
SMS Marketing
MMS Marketing
Mobile Emails
Mobile Websites
Mobile Advertising
Mobile SEO
Location-Based Marketing
Mobile Apps
QR Codes
NFC (Near Field Communication)
Mobile Social Media Marketing
M-commerce and Mobile Payments
Mobile marketing, when used effectively, can be the holy grail of marketing, allowing you to target and contact your customers on the go and in the moment.

“I wanted to get a jump on my competitors, but where to start?” says reviewer Susan Davis.
“This guide made it easy to mobilize my marketing. Just what I was looking for. I had an iPhone app set up the same day. Highly recommend this to any small-business owner.”

Tumblr for Business: The Ultimate Guide

In Tumblr for Business, Gabriela Taylor, an expert in online marketing and social media, shows you not only how Tumblr can be used to showcase your brand to a worldwide audience, but also how to create social buzz and take your business to the next level. Amazon reviewer Andrew David states, “Gabriela Taylor really knows how to keep things simple but detailed, which I liked because I did not know what I was doing at the start.” If your customer demographics skew young, your business and Tumblr could be a perfect match, since half of Tumblr’s users are under 25. There are 100+ million Tumblr blogs and only 67+ million sites running on WordPress. The popular website, valued at $1 billion plus, allows the use of multimedia and can brag of 13 billion global page views in just one recent month and 75 million posts daily. “This book is really a soup to nuts guide on how to register for and set up a Tumblr blog to advanced Tumblr marketing strategies for your product or service,” says Amazon reviewer Jennie Zahn. “Gabriela Taylor also provides other ways to use Tumblr to make money. Is it the ultimate guide? I’d have to say Yes. It’s the best guide I’ve read for Tumblr. There’s a thoughtful comparison of Tumblr and other social media sites like Facebook & Twitter.” Zahn also liked the “step-by-step instructions to set up and enhance a Tumblr site. There’s also great information on how to integrate other tools and features with Tumblr. . . .I thought the best part covered advanced strategies and monetization. Taylor writes clearly and is obviously an expert Tumblr user. I also think the book is underpriced for what you get. I’d highly recommend it for anyone considering using Tumblr at any level.”