Facebook vs. Google vs. Linkedin vs. Twitter: Who Is Better for Advertising?

Social media advertising has become a popular phenomenon in the recent years. With billions of people using social media from all over the world, it has become one of the best mediums to advertise businesses and products. The most popular social media advertisement platforms nowadays are Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter and LinkedIn. These platforms are continuously in the process of developing innovative and advanced ways of targeting the customers.

Advertising on social media ensures you reach out to your target audience effectively. The important question is which of these social media platform is better for your business advertisements? It mostly depends on the type of your business and your target audience. Though there are several others factors as well.

Facebook Advertising
Facebook is the most popular social networking site with more than one billion users. A Facebook advertisement is not search based but the best thing about it is that it allows you to target your specific audience. Facebook has immense information which has been collected from its users like interests, occupation, education, location, age and gender. This means you can target people from a specific country, between a certain age range with interest related to your business. Since there are several demographics to choose from you’re more likely to reach a specific audience.

The most popular form of advertising at the moment on Facebook is ‘Promoted Posts’. A Promoted Post is a regular post you’ve posted on your business page and that is shared to a set number of Facebook members. You can use CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) or CPC (cost per click) bidding. The managed services of Facebook advertising are as below:
• Designing the Offer
• Targeting Audience
• Strategy Reach
• Creation of Ad Copy
• Creation of Landing Page
• Lead Qualification
• Optimization and Analytics Reporting

Google AdWords
Google Adwords is a search based advertising social media platform. In Adwords, you can target your audience through keywords that they enter in Google search. Google Adwords provide you with an option of placing your ad on Google search network or place an ad through display partners. Though advertisement on Google is complex and expensive but it is very successful. Google Adwords is best for advertising for broad demographics.

Google Adwords is best for timeliness and relevancy. Google Ads have a significantly long lifecycle as compared to others because the ads appear to individuals while they search for related keywords. Not everyone sees these ads at the same time except when they look for the same information. The best thing about Google Adwords is that a campaign is more effective when no constant updates to the copy are made.

The managed services of Google Adwords are as below:
• Research of Keywords
• Re-structuring/Structuring of Account
• Optimization and Creation of Text Ads
• Geo-targeting
• Transparency
• Weekly or Monthly Performance Report in Detail
• Conversion Tracking

LinkedIn Ads
Advertisement on LinkedIn is really targeted. It can help you in selecting the people you want to reach in the professional space in terms of decision making levels, role, department, job functions, revenue, size of company, industry verticals and location. You will be able to advertise within a specific industry in a specific country with certain annual revenues and in this, you can target certain posts and departments.

With LinkedIn, same as with Google Adwords, the more your target, the more specific target audience you will reach and the more expensive your ad will be. Through LinkedIn, you can target the largest professional audience in the world by spreading awareness for your business, strengthening relationship with existing customers and attaining leads. LinkedIn offers three types of advertising services – Target Display Ads, Social Ads and Targeted Status Updates.

The managed services of LinkedIn ads are as below:
• Creation of Effective Ads
• Management of Group Ads
• Target Audience
• Landing Page Creation
• Improve and Measure

Twitter Ads
Twitter is the most underdeveloped platform for advertisement as compared to the other three. Twitter is an advertising platform for large brands through ‘promoted trends’, ‘promoted accounts’ and ‘sponsored tweets’. You have to pay per impression in order for your sponsored tweet to appear on top of the feeds. In Twitter’s search engines, hashtags are incorporated for some search terms. Though this platform is still undeveloped for advertising purposes, it still shows a lot of promise and can gradually offer advertising opportunities for smaller brands by promoting your business account and tweeting to individuals who are unaware of your business but have interests related to your business.

Twitter advertisement is done in three ways:
Promoted Accounts – promotes your business profile and offers more exposure to building followers who may be interested in what your business has to offer. Promoted accounts are best for promoting big events and capitalizing during certain periods of the year.

Sponsored Tweets – you can highlight a certain status update. This option is best for offering deals, building voice of the brand, spreading awareness and sharing content.

Promoted Trends – Thorough this option, your hashtags and topics will start appearing at the top of the list of Trending Topics. Through this you can build your brand through association and spread mass awareness about your business/product or events.

Closing Words
In conclusion, the social media advertising platform you select depends on your budget, type of business/product, your target audiences and how you want to reach them.

Facebook ads are the easiest and cheapest, but are best for promoting your business page, spreading awareness and interacting with customers.

Google Adwords is expensive but is best for businesses or products that are unique.

LinkedIn is affordable and is best if your target audience is professional individuals.

Twitter is good for big brands and is cheap but can be confusing.

On Facebook and Twitter, you have to continuously keep updating your ads while on LinkedIn and Google Adwords is highly recommended to not change anything if everything works fine.

The best thing to do is to launch a small test campaign with a minimum budget and experiment with all four social networks for a certain time. Evaluate the results and go for the one (or maybe two) platforms that proved to be more successful in the experiment. All these social ad platforms have something different to offer and can prove to be successful once you find the right one for you as per your requirements.